L’oreal Extraordinaire Lip Color in 303 Rouge Allegro & 202 Coral Encore

How any times have we heard that what looks good doesn’t really taste good ..? So goes for makeup .. Usually a nice packing is road to disappointing product.. This gets proven wrong by the L’oreal Extraordinaire Lip Colors!! They come in 13 colors, cost around $10- $12 USD Each , highly pigmented lip glosses!!

Transform lips from ordinary to extraordinary. Color is richer, lip surface is smoother and shine is magnified. Formulated with precious micro-oils and rich color pigments, Extraordinaire provides the ideal balance of color and care for perfect lips. The unique soft-touch applicator allows for a silky-smooth, gliding application.

I have purchased 2 colors: 303 Rouge Allegro (Cherry Red- Fuchsia color) and 202 Coral Encore (Orange-Coral Color)
The packaging is super stylish, application is very easy, it just glides onto the lips. It feels a little “heavy/sticky” initially like most glosses but the best part … THE GLOSS DISSOLVES INTO A LIP STAIN!!

For those like me who hate to reapply lip colors, this outlasts the Revlon Lip Stains (which I truly loved) ..Any day !! I wore in the morning and had breakfast and coffee and I still had tinted lips till noon. My favorite is the 303 Rouge Allegro. The 202 Coral Encore doesn’t spread well and kinda “sits” on the lips .. No matter how hard I spread it , it forms a visible layer of color on the boundaries of my lips. ..





This is the 303 Rouge Allegro on lips before and after :


This is 202 Coral Encore on lips before and after :


OVERALL: Can’t get over the 303 ! This is truly Extraordinaire …!! I am not using other lip products ever since I own this … 🙂

DIY: Matte top coat

Definitely worth a try !!!! I didn’t know it was that simple to make your own Matte top coat …My friend from RantsAndBeauty created this magic concoction 🙂 .. Give it a go and let us know .. Check out her blog .. It’s got something for everyone who loves makeup ..


I’ve been expanding my nail polish collection for a while now (I just bought a massive amount of Catrice polishes from mylittlepaperplane), but one thing that was seriously lacking, is a good matte top coat, or any matte polishes at all. I’ve been drooling over pictures of matte (mostly denim) polishes, and they just make a look so much classier!

Now, being the budget lover (and DIY lover) I am, I found this video on YouTube how to make your own matte top coat! I tried it, and it worked quite well! So, of course, I’ll share this with you too 🙂
What you need:

  • Clear nail polish
  • Corn starch
  • (paper) funnel
  • Spoon


And that’s really all! I didn’t even use a funnel because.. Well I forgot it xD I made a bit of a mess but nothing really bad.

How it works:

  1. Make sure your bottle is not completely…

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Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Tool Kit Review & Water Marbling Sans Water

For those who have been accompanying my , Should I say “evolution” in nail art know well my inability to create magic with my jello hands.
Having always believed in the right tools for the right job principle… I came across this 450 Tool Kit From Part of “I Heart Nail Art” collection from Sally Hansen. This was the last one left in Walgreens and sold out everywhere else .. Costs around $8 USD and comes with a Detailer Brush, Striping Brush, Marbling & Dotting Tool and a Stencil.


Here is a look I created: Using white nail Polish as a base, I used 4 different contrasting colors (personal choice, you can use as many as you want) draw vertical adjacent stripes (you don’t have to be super tidy because it will all get mixed up). I used Neon Pink, Neon Blue, Neon Orange and Bright Yellow .. For the accent nail I switches the yellow with a bright Green color.

Next, using the Marbling side of the Dotting Tool, draw a random curvy line within the nail making sure that the base white is untouched. Drag the colors to create a mixed random effect.

This is what I got :




Using a bush dipped in acetone, clean the extra polish around the nails and this is the final fun look:


OVERALL: I can’t be more pleased with my purchase. I am yet to explore the other tools which will be posted later, but I must say this is a money well spent. I got the water marble nails without the mess and without the water . Knowing that the nail art tools can be pricey, averaging $3 USD Each, I couldn’t be more glad with the Sally Hansen quality and the results.

Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray

It’s truly a god sent makeup addition. I have a dry-normal skin. I hardly use makeup, one of the main reasons being that it gets all greasy and looks washed down after a while.

While browsing at Sephora, I spotted a makeup setting spray from Urban Decay.. A brand I have never used before, but besides the reluctance I purchased it, a glad I did. Cost me $30USD for 4 oz bottle.


It comes like a spray bottle, has no odor or color. I sprayed on the face after applying a full makeup , feels like mist !! Once face air dries, it sets the makeup. The biggest test was wearin this in the morning and spending a whole day at the New York City Auto Show, without the need to retouch!!! That’s sure something. 🙂
By the night time, I was exhausted but the makeup was holding up just great.

I purchased another one in smaller bottle, For $14 USD, 1 oz.. And it’s a long lasting spray.. And I am a happy gal 🙂

Here is a usage directions from the pack:


These are ingredients :


OVERALL : I used the Cooling Spray and I can’t imagine living without it ever again.

French Tip Nail Striping with WetNWild Candid Affair

I have been baffled by striping for quite a while now .. And I know it probably makes me sound quite dumb , but seeing striping manicures , I used to think it was a base color and taped off top color (if I make any sense)

For the first time I spotted the Striping tapes at Harmon discount stores, I jumped at it!! Cost me $8USD , and I couldn’t be more happy .. 🙂

They are super fine tapes that can be used as itself or for nail art lining.

I used 3 coats of WetNWild Candid Affair .. A dusty lavender with silver shimmer that does transfer to the nails. It’s a good formula, applies well.. The brush has very thick bristles but it works well. Costs (best part) reasonably under $2USD 🙂




The first two background pictures show the packaging of the striping tape. It has 10 colors and I picked the silver for this manicure ..

TiP : let the base polish be completely dry before adding the striping tape. Once places on the nail, cut it precisely with a cuticle cutter.

Once I applied the tape (for starters it’s easier to go striping from the bottom of the nail to the tip and cutting the extra at the tip … rather than striping sideways, fun fact I learnt later by messing up a few times )

Once done , I topped the tip off with a white Milani polish and finished with a top coat!!


OVERALL: It’s super pretty , but for now I have a long way to go !! And sorry for the super bright pictures, didn’t realize that camera did not capture the contrasts very well. ..

Instant Gradient Nails

The gradient nails have become a huge favorite since a while now. Every person has their own unique way of doing them. Most popular being with a makeup sponge.

Now, the cheap me though of saving my makeup sponges from Nail polishes! Here is what I came up with ..

– Paint the nail with the base color of your choice.

– Once it’s dry, use a piece of plastic sheet from a shopping bag .. Regular plastic bag.. (I tore a tiny piece from a garbage bag) and wrap it around your finger.


– Take the polish you want to use as a gradient (I used silver glitter), open the cap and press down the plastic covered finger over the open bottle neck. Flip it upside down and turn it back up. The polish (glitter for my mani) that comes on the plastic can now be gently dabbed on to each nail to create the gradient effect.

– Discard the plastic bag once all the nails are done.

– Finish with a top coat !!!!



OVERALL: Super fun, super easy, super quick and super neat !! Let me know what you all think of it !!


Essie Neons Too Taboo Summer 2014 – Serial Shopper

I went ahead and picked another one from the Neons Collection .. After I’m Addicted and Too Taboo I was getting impressed with the collection .. So I stepped outside my usual picks of colors and got Serial Shopper .. A bold and Bright Neon Orange …!



This is a comparison with the Essie Resort Collection Spring 2014 Resort Filing (L) and Essie Too Taboo Summer 2014 Neons Serial Shopper (R) .. Pictures taken in sunlight(L) and shade (R). The Resort Fling is a softer orange compared to the Serial Shopper which appears a stronger-brighter orange, the first Neon as it appears in this collection.



OVERALL: This was the worst formula so far. Pictures are with 4 (seriously) coats, with no top/bottom coat. The color needs layers to build up although the finish is streak free. It didn’t suit my skin tone but for a neon seeker, this might be a good addition.

Hipster Retro Look

Hipster Retro Look

Sheer top

Shirts top

H M crop top
$17 – hm.com

Overalls shorts
$48 – salsit.com

Short shorts

Converse black shoes
$69 – welikefashion.com

Keds oxford

Hipanema bead bracelet

Warehouse filigree earrings
$5.04 – warehouse.co.uk

Barry M kohl eyeliner
$8.40 – bankfashion.co.uk

Nails Inc nail polish
$20 – nailsinc.com

Opi Ford Mustang Collection 2014 Released

I have been looking forward to this collection for a while now .. Primarily because I love nail polishes and my 5 yrs old loves Mustang !!!

Here are the 6 colors, part of the collection to be available for sale in Summer 2014… Expected June/July..all
Polish bottle caps have these cute Stallions imprinted, resembling the Ford Mustang Logo ..

THE SKY’S MY LIMIT (aqua hue) , ANGEL WITH A LEADFOOT ( celestial white )


50 YEARS OF STYLE ( golden pearl ), RACE RED

Let me know the colors that appeal to you … 🙂

Essie Neon Too Taboo Summer 2014 – Too Taboo

My first purchase from the Essie Neons Summer 2014 collection
I’M Addicted was a big hit for me.
Now, I was sure I wasn’t buying any Neons since they are not in my “comfort” color zone .. But I couldn’t resist the pink color!

So, anyways .. This is the collection’s highlight .. Too Taboo .. A bright hot pink .. !

I won’t call it a real neon pink , but it’s a hot pink for sure 🙂

Single thick coater ,great formula, levels itself to a streak free finish .. Dries to a semi-matte !!

All pictures in direct sun , no top/base coat.




OVERALL: Yea… All right , I love it ! I couldn’t find any dupes in my collection, the closest was Essie The Girls are Out (it has a suspended glitter, Too Taboo is a prefect cream, the colors were also a little varied.. But the bottle broke before I could picture them ) … But Too Taboo is A must buy for summertime 🙂