Hard Candy 795 Pop-Arazzi

My first Hard Candy polish from Walmart.. Clear base with suspended dots.. Blue, pink, yellow, green, white .. It’s a confetti in a bottle !
The reason I bought this particular polish is because I saw same polish by different makers being swatched ..

The only complaint: If you swipe the brush on nails it doesn’t transfer the dots, So you take a brush full and dab on the nail ..



This is dabbed over nude polish (on pointer/middle finger) and baby pink polish (on ring/little finger)


This is a similar polish from Milani swatched by Vampy Varnish, same colors differ size..


This is from Finger Paints, swatched by ApolishAholic


OVERALL: Fun polish ! Not the most unique but not bad at all .. 😊 although not of my favorite kinds.