Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray

It’s truly a god sent makeup addition. I have a dry-normal skin. I hardly use makeup, one of the main reasons being that it gets all greasy and looks washed down after a while.

While browsing at Sephora, I spotted a makeup setting spray from Urban Decay.. A brand I have never used before, but besides the reluctance I purchased it, a glad I did. Cost me $30USD for 4 oz bottle.


It comes like a spray bottle, has no odor or color. I sprayed on the face after applying a full makeup , feels like mist !! Once face air dries, it sets the makeup. The biggest test was wearin this in the morning and spending a whole day at the New York City Auto Show, without the need to retouch!!! That’s sure something. ๐Ÿ™‚
By the night time, I was exhausted but the makeup was holding up just great.

I purchased another one in smaller bottle, For $14 USD, 1 oz.. And it’s a long lasting spray.. And I am a happy gal ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is a usage directions from the pack:


These are ingredients :


OVERALL : I used the Cooling Spray and I can’t imagine living without it ever again.


30 comments on “Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray

  1. It’s interesting,actually I have never tried makeup setting spray,but this something that I really want to purchase,especially when it keeps makeup for a long day.Thanks for sharing,amazing post.


  2. I’m the worst when it comes to taking care of my frizzy hair and skin. Any kind of options? Searching for something that is certainly not too pricy and highly affordable. I have got dark hair with split ends and I would like to have that polished look and feel. I also have dry skin tone and gel will work sometimes but I want to try something unique. Any sort of options would undoubtedly be welcomed.

    [url=http://chaacoca.com]Argan Oil[/url]


    • I am not an expert on skin care but my hair has become frizzy lately and what works for me is a hair cut for split ends, massage scalp with warm coconut oil once a week before you wash your hair. Avoid excessive use of direct heat in hair. I use a heat protectant called “FX”, got it for under $5 from Cvs and lasted me over 2years. I also use the garnier leave in conditioner, costs $3. For dry face massage with olive oil before bed time and wash face… Really works for me … Hope it helps ๐Ÿ˜Š


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