YSL Volupte Tint In Oil In N3-Undress Me, N5-Cherry My Cherie, N7-Crush Me Orange

This was a giveaway hosted by the most generous Dave Lackie that I won a few weeks back and I couldn’t be more thankful! 

This is the latest lip formula innovation from YSL. Infused with Apricot Kernel oil, Jojoba seed oil, Coriander Fruit oil, Possiflora Edulis seed oil this is a perfect concoction for hydration desperate lips. The sheer wash of color makes the product even more attractive to be worn by itself or layered over your favourite lipstick as a lipgloss. 

Available in 8 colors, retails at $32 USD for 0.2oz of product.  

This is how the prize came with a lovely hand written note by Dave: 

The swatches are (L-R), YSL Volupte Tint In Oil In N3-Undress Me, N5-Cherry My Cherie, N7-Crush Me Orange : 

OVERALL : These were on my list since they were released. I just did not have a chance to try them. I couldn’t be more thankful to Dave for the most generous prize and being such a wonderful celebrity he is. Dave had been raving about these lip oils and I add my positive verdict too! 

YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush In 9 Rose Epicurien

My love for the brand is immense and with products that serve more than one smart purpose make the love deeper.
This is the 2-in-1 Kiss & Blush, a dual purpose lips and cheeks creative awesomeness.

Kiss your cheeks. Blush your lips. Play with color and mix and match your lips and cheeks. Yves Saint Laurent introduces the latest innovation in the edgy Baby Doll attitude. This 2 in 1 ultra blendable air whipped mousse beautifully highlights your lips and cheeks with a sensual soft matte finish. Available in 12 signature YSL shades.

Retails at $40, it can be a sure indulgence but the quality and the convenience makes it worth the buck.

I was a bit reluctant to try this on the cheeks with apprehension of a “sticky gloss” feel, turns out could I be more wrong !

For best results, I dabbed 3-4 tiny touches of the unique applicator on the cheeks and blended easily with fingertips. The special applicator allows very precise coverage and does not over distribute the product. For more color buildup, repeat. It finishes to subtle matte tint and Oh So Kissable Cheeks!





OVERALL: I couldn’t be more impressed and this is one that I product am constantly reaching for. Definite buy!

YSL Nail Vernis In 1 Rouge Pop Art

I think I am falling in love! The more I want to avoid falling for the fancy-shmancy brand names, the more I am loving the YSL cosmetics.
I have owned the polish for over 2 months now, but i guess, I am too lazy to put together a post.

This is a bright bold Blood Red with a hint of orange. Applies so well! The brush is flat and round tipped but it’s so perfect that it picks enough color for single stroke flawlessly. The formula is a bit on the thin side (I find it comparable to Opi) , but it’s so rich that it applies and covers superbly. Pictures showe double coats. Dry time is average and finish is glossy. I keep thinking its a close dupe to Opi Red Hot Rio… Will check and post it separately.







OVERALL: Great !! Love everything about it! Costs $27 USD , but it’s so amazing to look at and use, you will be glad to pamper yourself.

Long wear formula with Chil Rose Oil strengthens, moisturizes and protects nails from chipping and cracking. Dries fast and applies evenly without streaking. La Laque Couture is equipped with a new custom-made brush that allows an easy and fast application. The nail lacquer perfectly adheres to the brush that pulls the drop instead of pushing it for a flawless and intense result.

Please : Let me know if there are any special requests you will like me to post.. If I have those polishes, I can post about them.

YSL Gloss Volupte in 104 Prune Organdi

This is my first YSL lip product, and I am wondering why !!!

This is a Prune color (duh) lip gloss, called Prune Organdi.

Yves Saint Laurent premieres the first light weight non-sticky lip gloss. A precious liquid, light yet intensely glossy, its ethereal texture is a celebration of pleasure that invites indulgence. “Bouche a Bouche”, the applicator envelops the lips with this elixir of seduction.






OVERALL: Applies super smooth. Is strongly fragrant, which I personally don’t mind but some might. Not too sticky like some glosses. Costs $32 USD, for those who are comfortable spending this amount .. Go ahead !!