How to Remove Nail Polish Stain From Wooden Floor

I love my children. They are my heart beat .. But when the heart beat almost gives you a heart attack .. What do you do ?

My son dropped a box of my nail polishes on the bedroom wooden floor and sadly one of my most loved Essie “The Girls Are Out” bottle broke. There were tiny bits of shattered glass, bright pink polish and my peace of mind scattered all around.

Thankfully my son was safe and even though I was glad , There was a psychological meltdown in knowing that this was a hefty job.

Several google and YouTube searches later :

(Should have taken a picture while all my stuff was drenched in the pink , and this is new stuff I didn’t even open or use)

– pick up all the paint/ polish you can without dragging.

– clean all the paint with a damp cloth and carefully remove all pieces of broken glass.

Now this is what didn’t come off right away…this is directly visible but there was a whole lot underneath the bed too which I couldn’t capture . All pictures taken at night in the light of A lamp …


Now, use a hair spray.. I use the one from Pantene.. And spray all over the paint.. Keep the paint well soaked in the hair spray and let it stay for a minute or two…
This will need to be repeated multiple times to loosen the polish ..Don’t try to scrap off the dry polish unless it’s covered with hair spray , that stops the wood damage:


Using a scrapping tool, (I took a metal cuticle pusher to restrain the scrapping to where it was necessary,) keep scrapping out the polish and using a nail polish buffer even out the surface .. Be sure to keep surface well moist with the spray..



Clean off with Pledge or any other wooden surface approved finishing spray :


Take a damp cleaning sponge and scrub clean :


All done !!


OVERALL: It happened with me, it can happen with anyone .. Anytime. Removing and cleaning up, seemed a horror but it was a doable project. Keep surface well spayed with the hair Spray at all times and remove the stain as fresh as it spills , drying makes the paint soak into the wood and harder to remove. It took me over 2 (no kidding) hours but it was worth it !
Let me know if it helps you all ūüôā