Influenster #frostyVoxBox Review

This is my first Influenster box and I couldn’t be more excited !!

Opening of the box:


Index Cars Of Items Included, Short Description and Retail Value:



Fruit Vines: Soft Chewy fruit candy available in Strawberry and Cherry flavors. Reminds me of twizzlers. These are perfect bite sized, low fat snack.


Eco Tools Hair Brush: Has a unique bamboo handle and super soft but firm bristles. The real magic behind the “no pain” yet super effective brush is the soft plastic arched support to the bristles that absorbs extra pressure and delivers a great brushing experience without all the scalp scratching. Absolutely love this!!!



Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof eyeliner in Black : Deep black, soft eyeliner pencil. Applies really smooth, no tugging and lasted me all day without smudging. Absolutely great for using and traveling with.


Mc Cormick Gourmet Thyme : I have used Mc Cormick brand spices before and one thing I strongly agree with is the absolute quality they deliver. I used thyme for seasoning chicken, turkey and salads.


Rimmel Gentle Eye Makeup Remover: It really feels like water. Fragrance free and yet affective. I love how it can be used on eyes with contact lenses, something I struggle with all the time. The remover can be used over the face too, it leaves my skin feeling pampered and fresh.


Celestial Seasoned Tea In Candy Cane Lane, Decaffeinated Green Tea: I am a tea lover. Give me Decaffeinated green tea and I love you more. Now throw in some Christmas spirit and candy flavor .. I will follow you home .. I had this as a cup of hot black tea Before bedtime and I couldn’t keep smiling. I enjoyed the taste, flavor, aroma and the Snow !! The box came with a coupon, either way I will be buying more
of this… Highly recommended


Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Advanced Serum: This serum works wonder for aging skin. Fights early signs of fine lines and wrinkles. Since it came in a trial pack, I would not base my opinion on it…But it does have a $2 Off coupon I plan on using, will keep you posted !


NYC Expert Last Lip Color: Sadly I have misplaced it.. Will be purchasing a replacement soon to
Fill in the review.

OVERALL: I am glad to have received the goodies. The most loved will have to be the Eye makeup remover and the eyeliner from Rimmel.

Produxts provided by Influenster for my unbiased review

NYX Illuminator In IBB02 Chaotic



Interesting to note that the color appears pink and peachy-orange in the same light but at a different angle. I have also tried to show that on the brush.



A closer look shows the shimmer in direct sun:


The final result is very hard to capture but it’s more like a golden Summer glow.


For $9 USD, it’s available in 5 shades. I won’t say I love these, because the powder could have been more finely milled to be more blend able and appear more natural. However, it’s a good budget buy.

NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss In LG159 Smokey Look

The website from the company says

Kiss me quick! Our signature Mega Shine Lip Gloss delivers shine, moisture and softness and envelops lips with glistening color. The finish is both creamy and steamy and ensures knockout glamour. Available in 39 sinful shades.

Quite frankly it’s really sheer, although it appears to be peachy it’s more of a nude shine gloss on application.
I won’t call it long lasting but it feels like a standard lip gloss, nothing to complain of especially considering the $5 price.




OVERALL: It’s not disappointing at all, works well with a heavy eye makeup or a shimmer face to balance the effect and keep lips shiny and subtle.

NYX Above & Beyond Full Coverage Concealer In CJ01 Porcelain, CJ04Beige, CJ06 Glow

We are always on a look out for that photoshopped makeup finish. There are good days and bad skin days, but a carefully selected corrector / concealer works wonders.
I am sharing 3 out of 12 available shades, retailing at $5 USD Each.

Use the lavender for sallow skin, the green to neutralize redness, and the yellow for under-eye darkness.






OVERALL: Very creamy and easy to apply. I prefer to use a foundation or a concealer brush for applying by dabbing. It’s not very build-able, with everything done right it lasted me 4-6 hours before it wore off which was a bit disappointing for full day wear. I would recommend it for slight wear and not for covering imperfections.

NYX Born To Glow liquid Illuminator In Sunbeam & Gleam

Take a look at the video the started my obsession for a shimmer face product.

I have been looking for the one right product that will work with my skin tone without maximizing the look of pores or making it look like I fell face first into a glitter basket.

The lighter toned is Sunbeam (Left) and the Golden colored is Gleam (Right).
Capture that sexy glow with our lightweight, multi-functional illuminator. Use as a foundation base or over cheekbones, d√©colletage, or cupids bow for that refreshing luminosity that’ll have everyone talking.

Swatches in day light , indirect and direct:





I mixed a tiny drop of each to get this lovely peach golden shimmer: applied over foundation)



OVERALL: the Sunbeam is a sure hit for me, it added a nice shimmer skin shine rather than a glitter. The Gleam have the wonderful sun kissed look but it did accentuate the skin pores, so it’s a bit tricky. I did love the effect by combining the two. It’s a worth buy!

NYX Rouge Cream Blush In CB01 Rose Petal, CB02 Neutral & CB11 Boho Chic

Available in 9 shades and retailing at $6 Each, these are pretty amazing to add to an everyday look.




Clockwise from top is Natural (Left), Boho Chic (Right) and Rose Petal (Bottom).










With and Without Flash : (L-R) : Natural, Boho Chic, Rose Petal



OVERALL: The best formula was for Natural, it is super creamy and blends like butter. My biggest challenge was Boho Chic, it was shimmery and quite difficult to blend and get an even tone. Rose Petal was a good color and was in between the two formulas for me.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream In SMLC07 Addis Ababa, NYX Butter Lipstick In BLA19 Big Cherry, BLS12 Little Susie




NUX Soft Matter Lip Cream In Addis Ababa: Is a Matte finish lip cream. Applied with a wand, glides on smooth and sets to a matte finish, although I didn’t quite find it true matte. It’s moisturizing, rich fuschia pink. Retails at $6 USD. Available in 11 shades. Applied to bare lips for swatches.

NYX Butter Lipstick In Big Cherry: This was a matte finish for me, Although description says satin. It glides really smoothly and is a true hot red. I loved this color! Very hydrating although doesn’t last very long. Retails at $6 USD and available in 22 colors.

NYX Butter Lipstick In Little Susie: This was a satin finish, bubble gum pink although applied as a soft pink. Subtle color and simply glides on the lips. This is not a color I would usually buy, but I am quite liking it.

Swatched in the order of description : Top to Bottom : NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream In SMLC07 Addis Ababa, NYX Butter Lipstick In BLA19 Big Cherry, BLS12 Little Susie


OVERALL: Not bad for $6 USD at all!

NYX Butter Gloss in BLG08 Apple Strudel

Is there any such thing as a Happy Monday ? .. My son’s teachers wished me “Happy Monday” and I looked back in amazement because it’s something I don’t believe in .. Do you?

Moving to the product, it’s something I regret buying. The NYX Butter Gloss in BLG08 Apple Strudel.
It’s feels sticky like almost all glosses but the color was a mistake .. It’s a very pale peach-pink color , not flattering or adding any color to the lips. Infact it makes my lips look milky-sickly .. It smells and tastes like Vanilla, no complaints there.

Image taken indoor, applied on bare lips:




This is applied as a top gloss over a Maroon Revlon lipstick :


OVERALL: The two pictures show the difference in color. Adding the base color works but on its own it doesn’t impress me. The gloss did not feel heavy at all, lasting power is pretty standard. For the price of under $6USD and another tinted color, I’ll say not bad at all ūüėä

NYX Lip Primer in Nude LPR01 & NYX Chaos LSS511

For those with dry-parched lips like mine .. I found a miracle product.. The
NYX Lip Primer (Nude) .. Costs $7 USD .. But I can’t imagine this money being more well spent on a lip product..

It’s absolutely hydrating, lasts really long and fills the lip creases for a much smoother application of the lipstick.




The following are pictures without and with the lip primer .. Lipstick shown is the NYX Chaos LSS511 .. Called the Extra Creamy Round lipstick .. chaos is a deep Red color.. Sadly it’s too bright for my everyday liking, but otherwise it’s a really nice sexy red hot color .. It applies very well, just glides like butter.. Costs $4, but I am NOT glad about its durability .. Does NOT last long at all … So you will need to constantly reapply ..

Picture shows the color on Left.. Top swatch sans the primer and lower picture with the NYX Lip Primer (notice the smoothness and lesser lip wrinkles visible)

OVERALL: Love the lip Primer, will recommend as a must buy although lipstick I could live without.