Instant Gradient Nails

The gradient nails have become a huge favorite since a while now. Every person has their own unique way of doing them. Most popular being with a makeup sponge.

Now, the cheap me though of saving my makeup sponges from Nail polishes! Here is what I came up with ..

– Paint the nail with the base color of your choice.

– Once it’s dry, use a piece of plastic sheet from a shopping bag .. Regular plastic bag.. (I tore a tiny piece from a garbage bag) and wrap it around your finger.


– Take the polish you want to use as a gradient (I used silver glitter), open the cap and press down the plastic covered finger over the open bottle neck. Flip it upside down and turn it back up. The polish (glitter for my mani) that comes on the plastic can now be gently dabbed on to each nail to create the gradient effect.

– Discard the plastic bag once all the nails are done.

– Finish with a top coat !!!!



OVERALL: Super fun, super easy, super quick and super neat !! Let me know what you all think of it !!



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