Mini Mani Moo – Mess No More : Liquid Tape 

*Press Sample 

The one big reason I don’t do nail art is because of the cleanup. Thanks to a new concept of liquid tape for manicures, that issue is well tackled. 

The product comes in a lip gloss resembling tube with a doe foot applicator. It very easy to navigate the liquid, and without any practice I could easily apply it very close to the nail. The liquid dries almost instantly to a clear finish. 

I applied a double coat of Maybelline “Walk In The Park”. Once dried I applied Venique Glitter Polish “Selfies With Santa” as a gradient with a makeup sponge. 

I was not worried about neatness, once done I simply rubbed the tape (think glue) with my fingers and pulled away! The manicure shown did not require any acetone cleanup around the nails once I removed the tape, that’s how accurate and precise it works.  


OVERALL : The similar product is sold by other companies for a hefty $22 USD for 10ml (Liquid Palisades), the one shared today is priced at $9.90. Sold on amazon or directly via company Website  , it works to keep the polish off where it’s not needed. It eases cleanup (stamping, gradient nails spacing, endless opportunities pretty much) and also works as a peel off glitter base coat. All in all, grab one today, you will be amazed at how easy it makes your life!