Christian Louboutin Beauté | Rouge Louboutin (Limited Edition)

Wanted to share the hype .. Let me know if you will be buying it .. I know I won’t …

ommorphia beauty bar

Rouge Louboutin opener

The latest designer to enter the field of luxury nail lacquer, is none other than shoe guru Christian Louboutin – the man behind those signature red soles. As the story goes, after having designed his first pair of shoes and feeling a little disappointed with the prototype, he noticed one of his assistants painting her nails and so inspiration struck; grabbing her bottle of red nail polish, M. Louboutin proceeded to then paint the soles of the shoes, and the rest is now shoe legend.

It seems only fitting, that M. Louboutin’s first foray into the world of beauty begins with nail polish, and what could be more appropriate than Rouge Louboutin? A red shade in a limited edition bottle & packaging, that is an exact match to those cult-fave soles. Housed in a crystal-cut bottle which displays an ombré effect – as though the red hue is floating above it – the tall spire…

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