Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss In Crystal Water

It comes in a square tube with a twist n open cap. The tube looks just like the NARS Lipgloss. They come in a range of 15 colors in 0.20 Fl Oz/ 5.9 ml of product in Each.

Revlon ColorBurst Lip gloss for lips that shine with killer color. This weightless gloss makes lips pop with 5X more shine than patent leather Available in 4 new summer shades: Crystal Water, Bellini, Sizzle and Sunbaked.

A pop of weightless color with vivid, mirror-like shine. Outshines everything but you!
• Micro-crystal formula for 5X the shine of patent leather
• Plush applicator shaped to curves of your lips for smooth, even application of colour
• ColorBurst’s Elasticolor™ technology for rich color with a weightless feel
• Moisturizers and anti-oxidants such as sweet almond oil and vitamin E conditions and improves lip texture
• Available in 15 vibrant, on-trend shades




The L is single and R is triple swipe.
Top shot is taken in indirect sunlight and bottom picture in direct sunlight.

OVERALL : best results come from swiping on lips and then dabbing. It just adds a slight shine and no color. It feels light on lips for a gloss and definitely a good (and more pocket friendly) pass for NARS. It lasts fine but like any other gloss looses the shine but maintains the hydration after a meal. For under $8 USD, it’s a great buy!

NYX Butter Gloss in BLG08 Apple Strudel

Is there any such thing as a Happy Monday ? .. My son’s teachers wished me “Happy Monday” and I looked back in amazement because it’s something I don’t believe in .. Do you?

Moving to the product, it’s something I regret buying. The NYX Butter Gloss in BLG08 Apple Strudel.
It’s feels sticky like almost all glosses but the color was a mistake .. It’s a very pale peach-pink color , not flattering or adding any color to the lips. Infact it makes my lips look milky-sickly .. It smells and tastes like Vanilla, no complaints there.

Image taken indoor, applied on bare lips:




This is applied as a top gloss over a Maroon Revlon lipstick :


OVERALL: The two pictures show the difference in color. Adding the base color works but on its own it doesn’t impress me. The gloss did not feel heavy at all, lasting power is pretty standard. For the price of under $6USD and another tinted color, I’ll say not bad at all 😊