Sephora Formula X Liquid Crystals Wavelength

This is a part of the Liquid Crystals Collection, Wavelength is defined as

pink micro-glitter in sheer purple pink

This was such a pleasant surprise!! A bright Fuschia pink, sparkles and shines like crushed crystals. Application was easy, formula was a bit on the thin side but two coats work just fine. Pictures taken in direct sunlight in the room…





OVERALL: For $12.50 USD a pop

20140609-091216-33136693.jpg, I couldn’t be more glad.
Available in 14 shades, it’s hard to find them all in store for some reason but I am now eyeing a few other colors in the same. It finishes super smooth and glossy with a defined Sparkle NOT a glitter. You’re sure to love it.

Sally Hansen Insta Dri Blue Away

Hello pretties !!

I am getting more and more in mood for Summer and screening my summer choices. I was not sure about this but turns out to be such a pretty blue… It’s Blow-Away sorry .. Blue-Away by Sally Hansen from the Insta Dri Collection. Now this is amongst the fastest drying polishes I have seen. I have always been thoroughly impressed with their “true to word” (almost single coater unless lighter colors where double application is needs).. Streak free glossy finishes. I won’t call it 60 second but yes 2-3 mins and all done is seriously fast for me.
All pictures are 2 coats , no top coat.
Check out the glossy finish!!




I am holding the Sally Hansen Blue-Away against the L’oreal Not A Cloud In Sky .. Comparison without and with flash ..


Finally : Random brush strokes , using Sally Hansen Blue-Away as a base, strokes of LVX Viridian and topped with Sephora Formula X Over The Moon…



Overall: I love this color, formula and application was easy although be mindful of the thick brush and the formula dripping in-spite of trying to brush off on the bottle neck.. It’s a sure buy for the Spring – Summer and you will not be more pleased !!
FYI : I know it’s a challenge to get good coverage with pastels, this formula ranks much better than Essie Hide & Go Chic pastels !!

Let me know what you all think .. Would love to know !!
Love …

Purple Rain Purple Pain- Sephora Big Bang, Zoya Belinda

Hello People!
Today is a bit of a disappointing review for a set of polishes I was super excited about. After using the Sephora Formula X – Oh Zone I was very excited to try something else from the collection. But since it’s a little expensive $10.50-12.50 a pop , I was a little reluctant. But I was so impressed with the one polish I used that I went ahead and ordered the whole Sephora Formula X System. It comes with a cleanser, base coat, too coat and a choice of any nail color for $32 (polish is free if you purchase the system). After much mental debate I decided to go for the Lusters Big Bang a gorgeous dark purple multi-glitter. This was a color that I was most excited about from all of my holiday shopping. Turns out to be a complete disaster. The polish is very thick and applies lumpy. The glitter doesn’t show after the polish is applied and dried. It looks like a flat, cheap polish..


20131215-124320.jpg And this is the image from the Sephora Page

20131215-124513.jpg They look nothing alike.


20131215-124631.jpg This is definitely going back for a refund.
I also compared it to the Zoya Belinda, the Website calls it a full coverage cosmic metallic. Sadly this was a bad formula, the color looks amazing in the bottle, unfortunately doesn’t transfer over the nail.



20131215-125008.jpgThe index and ring finger is the Zoya Belinda and the middle/little finger is the Sephora Big Bang. They look quite similar without the flash.

20131215-125330.jpgThat’s the flash. I didn’t do a good finish mainly because I was so disappointed that I just wanted to take it all off.This was by far the most un-flattering Zoya polish I have owned.
The Sephora Big Bang was a struggle to remove , but it looked much better with a little swipe of polish remover, that showed the silver glitter

Overall: Disappointed in both the polishes. I made a video to show how bad the Sephora Big Bang really is ..Let me know what you all think ..

FYI: I had taken off the polish right after taking pictures, today my nails are stained purple


Sephora Formula X Transformers – Over The Moon

Well , I just happened to fall for this color in the store and it was so interesting that I applied it right over my L’Oreal – Not A Cloud In Sight..

The polish is a milky-clear color with shades like a pearl. It has a georgeous coverage and can go on nude nail or any color.
I have a very old, somewhat similar polish from Sally Hansen, but turns out .. It’s nothing like it … The “Over The Moon” is much better ..

Overall, it did give a finer look to my nails.. Maybe I will go for it sometime … 

Sephora Formula X – Oh Zone !

Well , I painted two coats of the sephora Oh zone! Over the NYC TriBeCa Silver single coat and it looks like diamonds on the nails !!!! It’s so georgeous that I have fallen in love with the glitter .. It feels super smooth on nails, is multi dimensional glitter, sparkling in every light. The polish dried super quck, by the time I finished the first coat on both hands, the polish had already dried on the first hand and ready for the seconds…. ! 







The polish will make you fall in love with itself and this is definitely staying in my top picks.. I got it for $12.50 , but after using a few glitter paints already, I will say .. Good Job ! 

Glad I purchased it …You might want to look at the video below because I feel that the pictures doesn’t quite capture the glitter !! (.. Yes not even so many pictures !)

Marc Jacobs 148 Glinda : Sephora Formula X- Oh Zone ! : Sephora Formula X- Hubba Hubble

Hello people..

Fun day today! Although super tired now …but I am excited !!
The winter is here and I was running around the malls to get winter gear for my kids .. And yes :)) a little look see at cosmetics … 
I came across Sephora store. I have passed it many times but for some reason didn’t ever like it Enought to walk-in .. But today I made my mind and took the leap and to my surprise I don’t know why I was avoiding it all this time … 
Anyway , my mission was to buy a nice subtle but striking glitter top coat. So I tried on a few .. Now I did have a Nail paint on me already .. This one here , 

But I was quick enough to try a few while rushing out..

I have different ones on each finger … 

Starting with the Index finger , I am wearing two (very badly applied, but at least I tried it on… ) Marc Jacobs Nail Paint from his latest cosmetics collection: Marc Jacobs Enamored Hi-Shine nail Lacquer, 148 Glinda , Silver Glitter… It’s retailed at at $18 for 0.43 oz at Sephora Stores only. I must be honest, I did see the YouTube launch of the product line and this one color instantly hit my fancy at the time … The bottle was super cute and quite unique. The brush was medium thickness and the formula was good enough ( I don’t find it “wow”, but it was nice and thick and actually not that bad ) . The polish sparkles, it’s beautiful and I think my lousy picture doesn’t quite deliver justice , but it’s actually beautiful. It’s clear shimmer and a lot of it !! It’s not really silver , it’s actual Silver Glitter that makes it sparkle. 
The middle finger has the sephora Formula X : Hubba Hubba … Retailed at $12.50 for a 0.4 oz , it’s described as Silver Iridescent glitter ..but I found it quite unattractive and “cheap, little girl, play time glitter polish”.. It’s multi colored fine glitter that actually looks like Golden base when applied on nails along with big ugly silver glitter chunks .. It looks like a polish I would rather not wear at all than wear this polish .. That’s my personal opinion ..  

In the sun…

In the sun but the out of focus picks the highlights of the color base .. 

The final polish on my ring finger is  Sephora Formula X – Oh Zone! And I must admit I was absolutely in love at first sight ..!! It’s multi colored glitter on clear base, but it has a very subtle yet attractive shimmer. It was an instant attraction and I must tell you that my “not such a nail paint crazy as me , as long as it looks good red and burgundy colors are the same … Pink is pink .. Not baby pink, hot pink, rose pink, fuchsia   …husband”.. Did love my nail paint and even paid for the buy… .double treat..!! 
Give a try to some glitter paints and let me know what you links …