Essie Resort Collection Spring 2014

Hello people !
Last day of 2013 .. Can’t even believe it went by in a flash ! Wishing all you readers a Very Very Blessed New Year 🙂
I wanted to share the New collection from Essie, the 2014 Resort Collection! Hitting stores Febuary 2014 the collection is Consisting of 4 pretty shades

20131231-093053.jpg Swatches Courtsey ImageBeautyGeek




20131231-093804.jpg overall: I don’t think this is an absolutely “never seen before” kinda deal, but the colors look pretty and I am kind of looking forward to them… My favorite has to be the Essie Cocktails & Coco but will decide more once I see them personally.. 🙂

Opi – Gwen Stefani Collection 2014

Opi in collaboration with Gwen Stefani is introducing 7 limited edition polishes that hit xstores January 2014. I don’t have any polishes to share with you but I did collect some swatches from other bloggers who got the polishes from Opi as a press sample …

1. Love, Angel, Music Baby – The Satin – Swatches by More NailPolish

2. In true Stefani Fashion – The Glitter – Swatches by More NailPolish

3. Over and Over A-Gwen– Creme Gloss – Swatches by

4. Hey Baby – Creme Gloss – Swatched By

5. I Sing In Color – Creme Gloss- Swatches by

6. 4 In The Morning – The Satin – Swatched by Intensepolishtherapy

7. Push and Stove – couldn’t find any swatches 😦 – but it does come with a complimentary mini of Lay Down That Base

I even found all the swatches here.
FYI : Spotted then collection in Ulta already !! Saw them yesterday Dec 28th .. And I decided not to buy any as it somehow failed to wow me 😦

Zoya Dream …. Finally!!

Hello bloggies !
Finally laid my hands on the Zoya Dream!
It’s been sold out every time I went to Ulta .. I made sure to be more frequent and I was lucky 🙂


20131224-151955.jpgA closer look to see all that intense multi glitter ! Surprisingly it’s not at all chunky, In fact it has the same old boring Zoya quality of being GREaT! Applies like butter. This is surely a 2 coater. The single coat was very thin and the second coat did build up to that depth and glitter. The finish is super glossy. Zoya defines it as

Zoya Nail Polish in Dream can best be described as a full-coverage, deep space blue with holographic glitter

which is completely apt.



20131224-164352.jpg overall: it’s a great polish, excellent application. Takes 2-3 coats to build up. Drying time is fine (won’t call it instant).

LVX Nail Paints – Aubergine, Tribute

Hello beautiful people!
I have here the rest of my Purchase from HauteLook. Since there was a lot of pictures I could not fit the swatches in a single post. The Part One can be seen at the link. I shall cover two more swatches in this post. The first up is LVX Aubergine. Defined as

Aubergine is an affluent royal hue that provides us with a mysterious and romantic attitude. This refined purple is delicate yet empowering. For an ultra chic look this season, pair this majestic hue with gold tones.

The color was first pick while purchasing. The color was beautiful, the formula however was a 3 coater. It was a little too thin to my liking. Of all the polishes this one was the most difficult to apply.


20131224-094849.jpg The color looks slightly lighter under direct light indoor. But the color is really beautiful !

20131224-095020.jpg The next polish is LVX Tribute. Defined as

Tribute provides us with serenity and tranquility. This particular blue is extremely appealing because of its energetic attitude and texture. It’s classic and timeless and yet its texture creates an edgy feel. Tribute has the ability to add sophistication and structure to your wardrobe. This beautiful blue can add energy and panache when complimented with a vibrant color.

It has a subtle silver shimmer and it’s a 2 coater.


20131224-100306.jpg I don’t think the pictures justify the beauty of the polish. This ones a close-up under direct light indoors

20131224-100419.jpg Depending on light it shimmers. Now I do have another polish in dark blue that I have swatched before Moody Blues by Ulta and here is a comparison


20131224-100732.jpgThe middle/little finger is the Ulta Moody Blues and the index/ring finger is the LVX Tribute.

overall: I am really impressed with the polishes. They smell just fine and the colors are beautiful. They apply really well and look expensive. I didn’t wear them too long to evaluate their durability on the nails. So far they didn’t leave a nail stain. Also they are easy to remove. At $16 a piece I am not sure i will spend that on a polish bottle, but if you are ready for the splurge , you surely won’t regret!

Gucci – Cinderella feet …??

All women want a Cinderella story and the most of it Cinderella Shoe 🙂
Well , Gucci has these beautiful crackled leather pumps . Retailing at $695, they might leave a joke in your pocket but a sure big smile on your face :))

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LVX Nail Paints – Greige, Azalea

Hello people !!
For those of you who have been following my blog, I did mention earlier that I had purchased the LVX Nail Polishes from HauteLook. Now they did arrive a few days back , but unfortunately I could not manage a swatch.. (Apologies)… So today I am making sure I post them.
What I really want to mention is the smoothness of the formula! It was like butter over warm toast!! The brush was easy to use and worked very well. My purchase included 4 polishes..

20131222-005027.jpg The first color I used was the Greige.
Defined as

The perfect blend of gray and brown, Greige is a refreshing new neutral that conquers the traditional fall gray. The subtle brown undertones help this dynamic hue pair well with every color in the palette. Greige is the perfect neutral for fall and winter and it grounds this season’s collection with its versatility.

This was an underdog. It turns out to be a very neutral beige-grey suede cream. It’s a double coater. Flawless and very glossy finish. Pictures with no top/ base coat.


20131222-010155.jpg Next up is Azalea. Website says

Azalea is the ultimate accessory choice for Spring and Summer. Romantic and youthful, this pinkish lilac is soft and daring. For a calming look, pair Azalea with ultra crisp white and cool blue tones.


20131222-010452.jpg I completely side the description, it’s most accurate. This was an “ok” color
During the purchase, turns out to be so chic and stunning!!!! I absolutely love this cream SINGLE coater! ( yes , single coat for smooth, streak free, opaque finish). Now I thought I had the same color in Revlon Enchanting. Turns out I was wrong , the picture shows LVX on index/ring finger and Revlon on middle/little finger


20131222-085817.jpg So, this lady was again new color to my collection. Overall: Can’t get enough of the LVX. It’s a bit pricey, retails at $16 for 15ml/ 0.5oz … But I surely looks and feels worth it !
Swatches for the other two polishes can be seen here.

Chanel 2014 Spring Collection

Hello beautiful people!
It’s great how winter has not yet fully set in and the runways are walking Spring collections.
I have always loved makeup (yes we all have) but I don’t use it much. Makeup can’t make us beautiful but can surely make us feel pretty. And it’s always less is more with makeup. That’s what I notice in Chanel 2014 Spring Collection. The colors range from soft pallets of pinks and orange and of course RED! I don’t know of it’s just me but nothing beats red in makeup , and you can never overdo on red 🙂
Back to the point, check out the colors (and the price tag .. Ouch !) ….









20131221-084209.jpg Along with all these pretties the two nail polishes for the Spring 2014 are The Charivari is defined as a soft purple/mauve and the Tapage is a bright pink.

20131221-090512.jpg Check out Swatches here at the Huda Beauty blog. These will be in retail stores January 2014. I Also I wanted to share the latest runway face looks from the Chanel 2014, courtesy Allure …


20131221-092051.jpg Let me know what you all feel ……

Nicole by Opi- Carrie Underwood Collection

Hello dear friends. !!
January 2014 marks the launch of 14 new shades. Nicole by Opi, in collebaration with Carrie Underwood, will introduce a mix of pastels, vampy dark shades to glitters. January 2014, they should be available in mass retail stores !



20131220-224837.jpg Although the colors look extremely pretty, I don’t think they are absolutely unique. As per the pictures they do look like close matches of already existing Opi colors…will just have to wait and watch 🙂

Opi – In The Cable Car Pool Lane

Hello everyone ..!
As there is just a week left to Christmas and festivity in the air .. I just wanna try all pretty shades of red.. Today I have the one more polish from the Opi SanFrancisco Collection, ( Check out other Swatches here) it’s a beautiful berry red/maroon color. Called the In the Cable Car-Pool Lane.




20131219-115436.jpg This is one of the colors I was most excited about wearing this season. It had a jelly-cream finish with a gorgeous glossy look. This is a 3 coater. I had no issues with the drying time. These pictures are with no base/ top coat. Amongst the latest Opi collection , retailing at $9, this had been my favorite color and I will surely pass it as a substitute for Opi Casino Royale. It can’t be called a dupe but certainly close enough ..I took this from ThePolishAholic

20131219-120319.jpg Let me know what you guys think …

Zoya Sarah, Zoya Zenith Payton, Zenith Collection Belinda

Hello people!
I have three Zoya polishes to show you… I purchased them at Ulta, they are running a buy 2/ get 1 free , plus a 20% entire order, so overall I got a great deal !!


20131217-004948.jpg The first one is the Zoya Sarah. This is a bright red polish with golden shimmer, and it feels like Christmas on nails ..!

20131217-005351.jpg This is double coat, no top coat. The formula was perfect. The finish has this shine to it that makes it very festive!


20131217-005519.jpg Ot retails at $8 and quite different than other red colors I own. This is not true red but more of a ruby red, so one can expect no color duplicates 🙂
The next up is Zoya Payton, an absolutely gorgeous cranberry red, multi colored holographic glitter. It’s a jelly-cream finish. It is the most unique and beautiful polish I have so far and definitely the prettiest Zoya I own or have seen.


20131217-070448.jpg This close-up will show what I am trying to talk about …

20131217-070541.jpgThis polish was all sold out at the store, I was lucky to find one. It retails at $8, and I am glad I purchased it ( don’t go by the bottle, this is really a beauty when applied)
And finally the Zoya Belinda. Defined as a full coverage cosmic purple metallic.

20131217-071900.jpg Retails at $8. This is a beautiful color that I fell in love with as soon as I saw the bottle. I have seen swatches by others and I just wanted to have this. The formula is kind of runny-thick, If you know what I mean, causes balding but also gets lumpy. This didn’t look as pretty as I hoped for.

20131217-072218.jpg I do own a polish a little darker than this, so I didn’t quite fawn over this. Overall Zoya never fails to impress and deliver!