French Tip Nail Striping with WetNWild Candid Affair

I have been baffled by striping for quite a while now .. And I know it probably makes me sound quite dumb , but seeing striping manicures , I used to think it was a base color and taped off top color (if I make any sense)

For the first time I spotted the Striping tapes at Harmon discount stores, I jumped at it!! Cost me $8USD , and I couldn’t be more happy .. ūüôā

They are super fine tapes that can be used as itself or for nail art lining.

I used 3 coats of WetNWild Candid Affair .. A dusty lavender with silver shimmer that does transfer to the nails. It’s a good formula, applies well.. The brush has very thick bristles but it works well. Costs (best part) reasonably under $2USD ūüôā




The first two background pictures show the packaging of the striping tape. It has 10 colors and I picked the silver for this manicure ..

TiP : let the base polish be completely dry before adding the striping tape. Once places on the nail, cut it precisely with a cuticle cutter.

Once I applied the tape (for starters it’s easier to go striping from the bottom of the nail to the tip and cutting the extra at the tip … rather than striping sideways, fun fact I learnt later by messing up a few times )

Once done , I topped the tip off with a white Milani polish and finished with a top coat!!


OVERALL: It’s super pretty , but for now I have a long way to go !! And sorry for the super bright pictures, didn’t realize that camera did not capture the contrasts very well. ..

Spoiled by Wet n Wild – My Button Fell Off & NYC 105 Starry Silver Glitter

Hey people, 

So here is my new buy from CVS , the Spoiled -My Button Fell Off… A very light baby pink and a NYC glitter- 105 Starry Silver.

Single coat. (with a base coat)

I put on a second coat but still not too opaque. Although the drying time is very little .. 

This is two coats of “My Button Fell Off”

And this is the final ..three coats..that’s what I needed for full opaquity and finish¬†

Camera doesn’t do justice but its a very pretty color and it’s A little of a baby pink .. This picture was taken inside around 1 am !! So it’s not really what it looks like.. Sorry…

The glitter polish from NYC Starty Silver ( it can be passed for Opi – was nice and easy to spread. Has macro silver , pink and blues with a micro silver. .. Nice and a little different than a few others I own..
And here it is the next day 

And sadly this is at night .. This is about 24 hours after application .. Notice how it’s chipped and unfortunately it’s not even my prominent hand .. Kinda disappointing …¬†

I never wear a top coat but this never happened so fast with any nail paint ..Infact all other Spoiled polished I have used have really lasted long, this was the first cream composition I used by Spoiled and was absolutely disappointed .. ¬†I suppose this brand is great for Metallica but not cream formulas .. Took the polish right off within ¬† ¬†24 hours …¬†

White Nail Paint .. Pro Or No…

Hey Bloggies .. 

I have always been kinda attracted to the magic of white.. The white that includes all the colors yet has no color on its own .. Interesting …¬†
Well, I have used a white nail paint before but the poor bottle got dried up after just a couple of uses and long time avoidance to its existence ūüė¶
So , here I am .. Back with my fight with white .. 
I purchased two brands from CVS.. The NYC 134 French White Tip and the Spoiled by Wet n Wild РCorrectuon Tape.. Both cost me $1.99 

Spoiled by Wet n Wild : Correction Tape

On my thumb: 2 coats of Spoiled Correction Tape Nail Color (no base coat or top coat)

My Index finger wears two coats of NYC 134 French White Tip (no base coats or top coat)

The verdict : Spoiled polish has a much opaque and a smooth finish than the NYC. The opaquity of the Spoiled is definitely noticeable ! 
Now , when I opened the bottle here is the close-up of the brush for the Spoiled Nail Paint ..

And again : 

But to be honest, took a quick snip and all was nice and ready to go ..
The thickness difference in the two brushes was quite noticeable .. 

 The top is from the NYC polish and the bottom one is from the Spoiled collection by Wet n Wild 

But to be honest, I liked the thicker brush of the Spoiled Polish more .. Takes about two strokes to cover my nail bed, the NYC is like painting a canvas with a pencil crayon, a bit annoying to my likes .. 
Overall .. A white is to a nail paint collection what the black dress is to a wardrobe .. A must have And can never go out of fashion or use ..
but yes, smallest flaws are
Highlighted on white nail paints and even though they bring this strange catchiness to the eye, they do take over the colors from
Almost anything ( including food) you dip your hands into … So if you plan on an evening out , either eat and go or Oder what u don’t need to touch ..¬†

Spoiled by Wet n Wild – Orange You Glad

Okay people !! 

Sorry about the gap in the post. Have been literally crashing at nights as soon as the baby sleeps .. He is waking up a bit more frequent than usual so obviously it means that I get lesser sleep and more wakey wakey at nights ..
Anyways .. I really had kind of mixed feeling about the spoiled nail paint .. It’s a ¬†bright tangerine color but has ¬†this metallic finish to it ( not amongst my favourites to be honest ) .. But I gave it a try and might I say .. I don’t quite dislike it .. It actually looks pretty “Halloweeney” ..¬†

Indoors at night ( no flash )

Indoors at night ( with flash)

The color here has been applied as coats  back to back .. The polish dries so fast that I was applying the second coat as soon as I was done with the first coat on both hands !! 
I used my base coat but no top coats .. Overall the polish has this tiny glitters to it that add a nice metallic finish to it.

Indoors ( no flash) top coat

Overall I was using orange for the Halloween season but it does look pretty good for wear otherwise..
The brush was awesome !! Had a great thickness and even spread the polish well. Overall very proud

In the sun , the next day, up and close 

It has this micro- glitter that kinda pops ! 
Loved the sun through the window blinds on my feet …
All in all.. For about $1.99 at local pharmacy , this is a sure “Do Not Miss” to add into your collection ..¬†

After Two days, looks the same