Sally Hansen Triple Shine Sparkling Water VS Spoiled Good Karma

Hello friends !!
This is my first use of the Sally Hansen Triple Shine Collection. Although I have the polish for over a month now, I didn’t get around to it .. Sorry ..
The brush is wide and thick like the
Sally Hansen Insta Dry collection, Click here for the pictures of the brush and review. The packaging is nice and has a look, removable top cap exposing the brush cap. The bottles are kinda slender, overall look nice, but using it with a wide brush is NOT very attractive to me 😦

The polish does dry quick but I would prefer the Insta-dry collection. The colors are nice but still miss a WOW factor. Overall: NOT super great except for a new marketing product. I was a bit disappointed to be honest.

Check out the swatches : the polish is applied as a single thick coat, no top/base coat. Formula was very thick and gooey ( don’t know if I have the bad bottle …) . My little finger has two coat application of Spoiled By WetnWild Good Karma. The Sally Hanses has small silver glass fleck sparkles. The shine was not “triple shine” as claimed, personally adding a top coat would have helped adding a certain dimension to the polish. The Spolied polish was smooth and super easy to apply. Formula was a bit on the thin side but two coats did well. Colors are nice vibrant electric blue/green.. You can probably make out the shading (I have tried to capture under different lighting).

Sally Hansen costs around $4.99 – $5.29 depending on where it’s purchased from, Spolied polish was $1.99 from CVS ( and so worth it !!) …





Let me know what you think and which one do you prefer…

Thanks for reading …
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