Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Tool Kit Review & Water Marbling Sans Water

For those who have been accompanying my , Should I say “evolution” in nail art know well my inability to create magic with my jello hands.
Having always believed in the right tools for the right job principle… I came across this 450 Tool Kit From Part of “I Heart Nail Art” collection from Sally Hansen. This was the last one left in Walgreens and sold out everywhere else .. Costs around $8 USD and comes with a Detailer Brush, Striping Brush, Marbling & Dotting Tool and a Stencil.


Here is a look I created: Using white nail Polish as a base, I used 4 different contrasting colors (personal choice, you can use as many as you want) draw vertical adjacent stripes (you don’t have to be super tidy because it will all get mixed up). I used Neon Pink, Neon Blue, Neon Orange and Bright Yellow .. For the accent nail I switches the yellow with a bright Green color.

Next, using the Marbling side of the Dotting Tool, draw a random curvy line within the nail making sure that the base white is untouched. Drag the colors to create a mixed random effect.

This is what I got :




Using a bush dipped in acetone, clean the extra polish around the nails and this is the final fun look:


OVERALL: I can’t be more pleased with my purchase. I am yet to explore the other tools which will be posted later, but I must say this is a money well spent. I got the water marble nails without the mess and without the water . Knowing that the nail art tools can be pricey, averaging $3 USD Each, I couldn’t be more glad with the Sally Hansen quality and the results.


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