ORLY Cutique – Cuticle & Stain Remover

Hello dear friends!

I don’t have a cuticle problem per say, but I have see some amazing pictures of bloggers and their cuticles don’t seem as prominent as mine. I wondered and attributed the missing cuticles to be “salon effect” and ignored although it has always been a bit of wonder.

I recently picked up ORLY Cutique from Ulta. It’s described to work as a cuticle and stain remover , but I was sure nothing really worked better than warm water to soak hands and soften the cuticles and push them back. Until … I met this product.. Check out the before the Cutique:



To apply, think of applying it like a messy nail polish 🙂
Use the brush and apply over cuticles, nails, and surrounding nail skin.. Leave for about 1-2 minutes (don’t agree with 30 seconds!)



Rise off with tap water while gently massaging the Cutique under water. Don’t worry about if getting washed off or staying , just wash with water and towel dry . Use an orange stick to push back the cuticles while scrubbing the nail beds and corners gently. Rise off and apply a good moisturizer or oil. And done !!



So that’s all it takes for a salon quality manicure at home 🙂 I have been using this product once a week for a few weeks now and I am quite pleased with the results , plus it’s a confidence booster 🙂
Let me know what you think and if you are using any products of this kind or if you plan to ..love reading back your responses



Mentality Shadow & Estée Lauder 69 Frozen Fantasy

Hello dear ones !!

It’s been a sunless, cloudy, gloomy day and I am most disappointed for I really wanted to share some pretties!!
But since the impatient me couldn’t wait, I went ahead and sat by the front house window and voila !! (So glad I did)

This is Mentality Shadow.The most apt description is from the maker..

Shadow is a blackened rose metallic creme nail polish.

I had never heard about this brand before but they have an ongoing promotion on Facebook and twitter till 4/20/2014 for a daily free holo polish giveaway.. And I was interested!

The particular color is from their Metallic Cream Collection and retails at $6.50 USD. The first impression is that the smell is a bit “nail polish(y)” , I don’t mind but I know few people are quite particular about it. The formula was a little thin but surprisingly easy to work with ! Opaque in single coat although the swatches show two. No top/base coat. For best comparison, I would rate it at par with Opi formula.. Thin but surprisingly great ! (I know, I was a bit surprised too ESP comparing the price)
I noticed that the color is not true to the bottle, it appears a lot darker in the bottle than on application: (In a good surprising way):)





The brush is easy to work with , it’s a pretty quick drying polish so that’s a big plus for me. I did see myself needing to go back for a re-dip into the bottle after each nail was covered , this made sure I never over applied or dragged the brush from the last nail to the fresh one. (If I make sense here)

I compared it to one of my oldest polishes , it’s Frozen Fantasy 69 from Estée Lauder , and I own this polish since 2006!!! It’s been a great formula and a color and still great condition 🙂 for sure worth every bit of $21
You will see the visual reason of comparison right now :
Pointer/Ring finger : Estée Lauder
Middle/ little finger : Mentality





Yes, they are not dupes but the application and finish is similar.

OVERALL I feel that the quality is very good and worth the price. My favorite part is that the company has free shipping all over USA , my packet came within 4 days and that’s pretty neat. Personally , I don’t think that the swatches on the website are accurate or do justice to the polishes, but surely they have something for everyone and the best is their attitude, depending on your preference they will recommend the best product for you. I love it when you get a great product at a great price and have the bonus of excellent experience.
Do enter the free giveaway by following the twitter /Facebook page and look here for promotions…let me know what you all think ..

REACTION …… What defines it..


This comes from the dictionary.

But what defines it’s appropriateness? Is it the acceptance, or it’s perception.
I have recently been pacing in my mind trying to categorize the word and it’s application.
My recent encounter with the said has made me question The balance between action and reaction.

Can we include another factor to define its justification .. Perspective


What’s tricky is the individual’s evaluation to a situation and hence the reaction.. Thereby perception.

My recent experience has pointed out an insight into a flawed human behavior… We might be faulty reactors.

I reacted to a delayed response partly because we are so used to being responded back within minutes, social media / emails and if nothing works,
phone calls. We leave a voice mail and if we don’t get a call back we call again or text or tweet but the wait is not the possibility anymore. Is it the curse of connection or the comfort of it.. shall I say we have tossed patience out the window. What’s an acceptable time limit between delayed response or being disregarded.

Question also arises in the possible victim of miscommunication/ misinterpretation or should I be candid and call communication/ interpretation.

The culprit is partly Doubt. Can it be explained .. Guess not.. Can it be justified.. Probably not.. It’s only a feeling .. One of many emotions that fan out of our spectrum of reaction.

But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind.

Maybe sometimes we all are just humans … Not the victims of doubts , perspective or action/ reaction balance .. Just silly humans……

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Avoid Rude Responses, my twitter story

Dear Readers ..

I appreciate all your comments .. Thank you for your thoughts about my past post .. I write with the only purpose of giving a voice to my thoughts and not to hurt or attack anyone .. ESP not those care to read my blog or those who cared to voice their feelings.
I have removed the post because you feel that I was in the wrong .. I have tried to get in touch with the owner of the company, she has not responded so far or chose not to respond either way it’s fine .. I have sent her tweets and tried to clear this misunderstanding.

The point was not by any means to get free stuff .. But it was just to get some acknowledgement .. I have communicated with many companies.. Commercial and not so huge ones too and understand that such approvals take a certain process to final decisions but they all acknowledge the communication which didn’t happen…
However, I do not wish to hurt anyone. My only objection was being called a “stalker” for asking an acknowledgement .. I was first reached out by being followed on twitter and my curiosity was all that I followed by asking about the products..

Plz take a look at the tweets I sent since last night and hopefully you might feel in your hearts that all I want is to wish then the best and no more further communication is expected from them:






And yes spell check : I dint mean
“attract” I meant “attack”

For all those unaware of the post, this is an exclusive link to set things right … The original post has been removed off the blog ..

And I am sorry if I have hurt anyone’s feelings and Veleta I wish you the best, I am not a stalker and I am not the person with an intent of hurting your feelings.

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Revlon Parfumerie Fresh Linen & Nails Inc Electric Lane

Hello dear ones !!

For those who have read my past posts
I am trying to be a bit lazy and combine two polishes in a single post .. Hope you will like what I chose to share ..

First up is the Revlon Parfumerie Collection member Fresh Linen, a pearl white polish that smells of laundry. Out of all those I smelt from this collection this one is most pleasing and subtle. The scent doesn’t stay on forever, mine was gone the next morning !
The formula was a bit on the runny side, but it builds up nice and 4 coats did well for full opaqueness. Although a bit streaky it’s got a nice satin finish into a pearl white color.The picture are shown with no base/ top coats and shade/ direct sun for comparisons :


The polish has a nice silver shimmer, that does transfer well in the nails .. A close-up in direct sun:


Up next is the polish from Nails Inc. , called the holographic top coat Electric Lane. Costs $10 USD and available at Sephora, kinda reminds me of Sephora Oh Zone! from their Formula X Collection: I used two coats over the Revlon Fresh Linen. The polish is so sparkly!! It’s a clear base with suspended multi colored glitter, I took pictures out of focus to capture the effects :



And finally: A comparison of the polish in shade and direct sun ..


OVERALL: The Revlon is a great pearl white and if you don’t have this color in your collection this might me a good choice to go for.

The Nails Electric Lane ( costs $10), it’s a great glitter coat over any polish for effects. I like it more than the Oh Zone! (Costs $12.50) because it carries a much more depth. I have however seen a similar polish in Ulta by China Glaze and it costs a lot less, plus it comes in a mini pack too… I have not used it but it looks similar.. So it’s not the rarest polish out there, but it’s a good one to own, great formula, easy application .. And who can ever have too much sparkles ..?

So let me know what you all think 🙂

Exxon Spill – 25 Years of Tears

I was touched and speechless by this article .. My heart goes out for those who were affected and no amount of payout will ever be enough to fix the emotional damages ..


Prince William Sound, 2010 Prince William Sound, 2010

Time has a strange affect on events in our lives. I feel I’m looking through a glass of water when I look back 25 years to this day, March 24, 1989.

I’d left Seattle University and the Ballard Lochs on the M/V Westward heading north through the Inside Passage of British Columbia for the sac roe herring fishery in Sitka. No time in my life is etched as clearly as that spring. There is a certain magic about following Spring to Alaska. Per my not so scientific study, I’ve determined Spring moves at about 9 nautical miles an hour, about the same as the hundred foot boat I worked on. The inside passage is glorious. The bow of the boat pushes Technicolor into black and white. Winter gives up her fight to the brilliance of the whippersnapper called Spring. The smell is of thawing earth. Porpoises…

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Hello dear ones !!

I wonder if anyone had heard of these cosmetics that keep following you on twitter and you have no clue who they are … That happened ..
Ever heard of mine Lacquer .. Anyone..??

I couldn’t find any swatches online so I thought “Hey, normally companies are really nice and a ESP a company will never be impolite if I ask for some samples”… I mean the worst answer I can get is ” Sorry we don’t give samples, but feel free to try it in (whatever) store or buy it” ..

This is what I get : plz check the time stamps to the responses to ..


I sent them this text today morning because I am seriously wondering that it’s been 24 hours and they are the ones on twitter following me when I don’t know em .. And most importantly I am just not happy about their lack of care ..

So I get this response :


YUP !!!! After 24 hours of my asking for a response they care to respond.
And this is my response , which didn’t deliver cause they stopped following me .. Class act right ..?


So guys.. I don’t know about you but I am not a fan of people who start a company and don’t care to be nice to customers. The products might a bit pricey but we can all buy it if we find it worth the buck. If big brands think that by being rude they can focus on a few people out there and ignore the rest , I wish them all the best but doubt how long will customers like a bad attitude… I have been in communication with many companies at some point or the other.. And I don’t mind a NO.. But this was most humiliating response I ever got…

I am bigger than that.. I still tried to be polite but they unfollowed me right then cause I believe they care less ..

I am sorry dear friends .. But you please be the judge of it .. And pass it along if you feel right .. We bloggers are a family and we believe in each others words. We are smart shoppers who like to know what another person things of a product before we buy it. America runs on product reviews.. I spend a $1 or a $100,000 I make sure I read reviews .. And if one company thinks that our opinion is not their concern .. Wanting a response does not make a person a stalker … I don’t like this response and Well then they can count me out ..

Avoid Rude Responses, My twitter Horror

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Let’s play tag !!
Dear Soph tagged me in for this awesome post , so here are my two cents on it, let me know what you all think… and …..TAG !



Blush or Bronzer :


Personally I am a makeup free skin person. I use makeup OnLY for occasions like formal events, otherwise I use any moisturizer I can find and I am done. But if I do, I use a Blush on the temples of my cheeks (best way I find is sucking the cheeks in N what’s left on top of the cheek hollows is what I color with a wide brush. My fav blush is by MAC and Estée Lauder. (Usually neutral pinks)

Lip gloss or Lipstick:

I’d say a lipgloss (maybe) .. Although I totally love me Red lipstick (check post here), between the two I will pick lipgloss because a good one won’t dry your lips (mine are parched, forget dry !!) so if I don’t have any other way of moisturizing them a gloss would work. Really good ones are from Smashbox (posted here), my favorite being Electric Orange.

Eye liner or Mascara:

Eyeliner for sure. NoTHIng will “define” your eyes like an eyeliner. I always feel like my eyes look dead without one.. (Check my favorite one here)

Foundation or Concealer : I never use the concealer except maybe twice in my life. That too for postpartum “dead eyes of a new patent” coverage, but I wasn’t quite pleased with it. I stick to foundation, but best coverage comes from moisturizer – foundation+moisturizer – blush – (baby powder dusting with a face makeup brush in Summer) – sealing with pressed compact dabbing .. Followed by good application of a Kajal … As long as eyes are well enhanced minor flaws get a backseat and baby powder dusting helps smooth skin creasing by settling in skin ..

Neutral or Colour eye shadow : Neutral any day… I am a subtle make up look person, so browns, silver, neutral pinks and earthy tones for me. Again silver and whites with black eyeliner and done!

Pressed or Loose eye shadows : Pressed that I apply with eye shadow brush and blend with a brush or tips if needed. If I am not happy with the look, I blend /”erase” the extra color with a hand towel and get a almost no makeup look.

Brushes or Sponges : Brushes any day! The hands work great if you do skip the sponges. The main ones I use are 4.. Kabuki for face , one for eyes, a medium for blush and a lipstick brush.


OPI or China Glaze : Opi any day ..!! Never used China Glaze cause I seem to like the Opi colors more. Plus weird reason I don’t like the shape of bottle or logo of China Glaze .. (Crazy I know)

Long or Short : As a full time mom, short nails… But even otherwise medium to medium-short .. Manageable, don’t chip , don’t hurt while typing on keyboard and always looks like you mean business.. More of a sultry look but “Not afraid to fix the car” if needed kinda mean girl look…

Acrylic or Natural : Natural for me always…

Brights or Darks : Brights and Classic brights .. Not the whacko type colors ..


Perfume or Body splash : A good perfume, Because like a cheap lipstick you can always spot a fake smell. A bad odor is the biggest turn off 😦

Lotion or Body butter : Yea … Dummy answer .. Whatever I can find In the time I have .. With two kids … It’s a privilege to get to use any 😦

Body wash or Soap: I would prefer a body wash but I am not so picky about the soap too .. As long as it serves the purpose, I’m good !

Lush or Other bath company : Yea about that , few years ago I walked I to a LUSH store at Florida airport. The sales lady was super proud of the stuff and all .. My question : “Is it a good brand cause I have never heard of it back in New Jersey/ New York?”
Her answer : *Nasty Stare* “yea ( idiot )”
Me : *F-ing Nasty B-yach*

Back home , there is a huge LUsH store at a mall I have been going to for years and didn’t even notice..
Final answer : too embarrassed to go back to the store 😦
So , any commercial brands .. Don’t really fancy names … As long as it’s serving its purpose and under $10 I am happy 🙂


Jeans or Sweat pants : Used to sleep in my jeans, now after two kids and life .. Sweat pants if clean

Long sleeve or Short : Half

Dresses or Skirts : Neither .. Have not worn em since school … Don’t like em …

Stripes or Plaid : Plaid…. !

Flip flops or Sandals : first rule is good support and flat.. Flip flops

Scarves or Hats: Personally I would love to wear them more than I do.. But yes, amongst the two .. A nice silk scarf ..

Studs or Dangly earrings: Ooo Studs any day .. Super comfy

Necklaces or Bracelets : Hate em both .. But I wear the necklace ..

Heels or Flats: prefer bare feet to heels .. So flats for me .. I have been amongst tallest girls all my life ( I am an Indian at 5’6″, considered taller than avg) so never needed to wear heels, plus my father always made sure we stick to flats growing up to ensure a good and healthy bone growth , so now I can barely walk in heels ) Actually my fav pair of footwear my nike and now Adidas running shoes .. 🙂

Cowboy boots or Riding boots : I thought they were the same deal .. I like those Texas made original American made, leather cowboy boots .. Something like these

Jacket or Hoodie: A jacket .. Hoodies make me feel warm and lazy.

Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe : None .. I am 32 yrs old .. So yea none

Abercombie or Hollister: none

Saks 5th or Nordstrom : Nordstrom any day !! Best customer service ..


Curly or Straight : I have these stupid fine hair that go limp in 3 days .. But straight is what I like

Bun or Ponytail : Can’t make a good bun without looking like a whacko doodle .. So ponytail

Bobby pins or Butterfly clips: Butterfly clips

Hair spray or Gel: I avoid both, but to use I choose the hairspray (I use the one from Pantene, pretty descent)

Long or Short: Short, I went bald in school cause I wanted short hair .. Looked hideous, so I maintain shoulder or below shoulder length hair , although I am currently growing hair to donate to Locks of Love.

Light or Dark : dark .. My natural color

Side sweep bangs or Full bangs : Side sweep for years now .. Although I always wanted the full ones

Up or Down : Oh sorry, it confused me. I was like WTF up or down .. Then I went back to the original one by Soph, it’s about letting hair down or tying up .. So yea.. Hair tied up


Rain or Shine: Rain .. Rain … Rain .. But not the dark and gloomy ones .. The ones you get in warm areas like in India.. 🙂

Summer or Winter: Whatever it is, I want the other one

Fall or Spring: Fall, I love the smell of cinnamon and pumpkin in the air. .. 🙂
Plus sitting by the fire and hot chocolates …so yes fall

Chocolate or Vanilla: Depends .. ice cream vanilla rest all chocolate ..

So that’s it my dear ones … Thanks for reading 🙂
It was fun doing this !!

I am passing the tag to my close friends :
* Hayley from LovethyNail
* Rachael from life inspired
* Jessica from BeHappybuy polish
* Jessica from Beyoutifukbeauty

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Revlon Nail Art Shiny Matte Nail Enamel In Pinstripe

Hello friends !!

I have had these pictures for a bit now but just couldn’t get around to posting it ..
So here is a product for all nail art “challenged” people like me …
With over 5 shade combos to chose from, I stayed with the conservative Pinstripe- Navy blue matte and silver Nail art side.


This is the Blue on its own, applies well, quick drying, single coater , no top/ base coat … The color it’s pretty amazing on its own too ..


I saw these designs on the Revlon displays in the stores, which I tried to recreate, and they were super easy !!!


(The pink in the flowers was added with a pencil tip)

This is sans top coat

This has coat of Seche Vite, sorry about the blurry picture

OVERALL: If you purchase this as a nail polish it’s a great color but don’t expect the quantity, but as a duo it is a great product, excellent formula, easy application and the best part super easy and fun nail art !!
Tip : I plan to use this quite frequently and once it’s finished, I plan to clean the tube and fill it with a golden and a silver or any other color that I most frequently want to use for future new art projects.. 🙂

Let me know what you all think and if you plan to buy it or pass it .. Would love hearing from you all … Love

Free Holo Polish Daily By Mentality till April 20

For a those deal catchers like me .. Mentality nail polish is having a Daily Giveaway.. One lucky winner is picked EVERYDAY to get FREE Holo polish !!!


So if you are like me, go on an enter and you never know when you get lucky !

You can even buy directly from them and this is an ongoing promotion:


Best part : Free Shipping to USA , outside USA paid shipping available.

Follow them at :


To enter and be on list for further promos !!

What I hate about it , selecting one !!
They all are so pretty !! Plus swatches are on the site, so you know what you buy..

Interested anyone …??