Revlon Parfumerie Ginger Melon

Hello friends !

It’s funny how the weather is switching daily from cloudy and rain to nice and sunny.. Confusing and annoying .. Can’t wait for the sunny skies any longer !! It’s like knowing what good weather is .. But no you can’t have it !!

Anyhow, I have the Revlon Parfumerie Ginger Melon to show you all. Its a fun bright orange-coral and smells… Ginger(y )- Melon(y) ….!! Really !
The formula was easy to work with, but it didn’t quite pop on its own so I applied 2 coats of it over a single coat of white polish as a base. Added a bit of silver on tips randomly (pictures didn’t quite catch the glitter) and I was quite happy with the results !! It’s a perfect summer beach color! Swatches with no top/ base coat.





OVERALL: Its a fun color and although the camera didn’t quite capture it, it’s really really bright… I don’t think it falls in my comfort zone, but it’s good formula and cream glossy finish, and the bottles are so cute !!!

Let me know if you will be giving it a try or maybe passing it …would like to hear your opinion .. ūüôā