Influenster presents Pantene Pro-V Hair Spray
I got to try this hairspray courtesy Influenster. A golden metal Spary can containing Non-alcohol based hair product. 

Having tried quite a few hairsprays including Pantene, my biggest complaint is that brushing after the product in your hair nullifies the effect of the spray. Thankfully the fairies at Pantene were listening. I was able to comb through my hair, tug free and still have my style maintained all day. 

For those days when you want to live ok perfect and polished, give this a try ! 


Sunday Bites of Faith 5/18/14 “Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People”

Please Read this thoroughly .. It really answers our deep questions ….

Rachel's Beauty Bites

If there is one question I’ve heard more from people about God and my faith, or Christianity in general, it’s “Why do bad things happen to good people? Why does God allow this if He is really a loving God.”

That is such an epic question; and before you think, “Oh that’s blasphemous, I can’t ask GOD something like that, that’s not my place.” Take a moment and remember who your God is…

Did you take a moment? Yes… it is OK and even GOOD to ask questions, and this question is a valid one that if you really get the concept, know the answer and accept the truth; it can set you free from many struggles within your own mind and with your relationship with the Lord. So what are some of these questions we ask when we’re wondering why things happen:

  • Why do children get abused?
  • Why do people…

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