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This is MY Space and room for friends that share common interests, love or hate.I am just TOL – “typing out loud” what’s on my mind and hope to exchange thoughts with others on the way…

I am 31 years old and have different roles to play as a person, but i love being a mother.

The blog is a way to express myself without the feeling of being judged.

I enjoy food, reading, traveling, spending time with the kids and just being me.

With time, age and experience in life the child in me has taken a step back, but as long as i keep that alive somewhere within me I know my heart is alive and beating.

Life has so much to bring and no amount of preparation and readiness is ever enough, Maybe its just best to take it as it comes.

I am not religious but i believe in karma. My faith lies in the balance of deeds. As long as the balance is right,inner peace is attainable.

I recently lost my father, and sadly the beautiful and sheltered life i lived so long and taken for granted seems to have a void … for i could not thank my father … and the void shall remain in my heart forever…

Life is short, but not too short … it has given us enough time to love.. love ourselves..

If i can look in the mirror .. smile and have no regrets … i have lived eternity in a lifetime….

62 comments on “Know Me

  1. I love what you say here “My faith lies in the balance of deeds. As long as the balance is right,inner peace is attainable”. We get out of the world, exactly what we put into it and that is a given for everyone. I believe in God and put my faith in Him but there are others that don’t and still it all comes down to whats right is right and what wrong is wrong and we should love and treat one another in the same way, in all situations as we would want to be treated ourselves.


  2. i wish to share with you my very strong feelings about makeup, but alas, i am not as brave as you to face the judgement of Girls on a page about makeup… amazing, if you knew how ‘bold’ a Gyrl i ‘normally’ am… makeup- not so much! someday, in private, i might tell you a story…. cuz i like you, your blog & your ‘about’! ❤

    PS- pleased you 'liked' so many of my scribbles & droolings that i do on my 'wall'!


  3. Thanks so much for the likes. 🙂 It’s so nice to virtually connect with people who have similar interests & experiences (good and not-so-good). Hugs!


  4. Hello there, I loved what you said on the above post. Everything you said is exactly how I think and feel, especially the bit about play different roles as being a mum. Like me, I feel that, starting my own blog allows me to express myself. Thank you so much for dropping by at my blog and your lovely comments, it means a lot to me :0) I look forward to reading more of your future posts. xx


  5. Could not help but notice you hit my poetry site with close to a dozen hit “likes” at one setting. At first I thought it was some sort of spam program. Almost marked each posting as such. In the almost seven years I have been with WordPress, I never had anyone do that. Did you sincerely find a dozen poems to hit like that with “likes” or truthfully was it a way to bring attention to yourself because I have a blog with over 52,000 sincere hits?


  6. We have so much in common!! Same age, both mummies haha!
    I lost my dad ten years ago, and it is still difficult, but I always feel him with me and that helps me so much.

    And yeah – karma girl, I believe in that too! ❤ x


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  8. Wow, I think you will be a great OB. It seems like you have a real love for children, faimlies, and people in general. Sad to say that those qualities are rare traits in todays world. I believe not just anyone should be in just any job because you could be in a job that you hate and end up making everyone who comes in contact with you at work miserable. You have the joy and care to be great at your job and effect those you will be working around not only by your knowledge , but by your love for what you do.


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