Essie Too Taboo Neons Summer 2014

So .. Summer colors are popping up !!
With Opi Neons for summer we have the Essie Neons for Summer 2014 as well !!! Labeled “Too Taboo”, Available May 1st, 2014 this is a collection of 6 new colors 🙂

TOO TABOO – This vivid intense fuchsia is poised to take the world by storm. Sit back, relax and enjoy the glow

CHILLS AND THRILLS – Wildly sexy. Totally unexpected. This supercharged neon blue violet keeps you on the toes

VICES VERSA – It is so good to be bad in flawless juicy neon lime. Cool and contrary, this opposites attract.

IM ADDICTED – Bright. Hot. Dangerous. Nothing off limits for this decorum-defying neon aquamarine blue

SITTIN PRETTY – To buy or not to buy? Go ahead, splurge! This florescent berry hibiscus is a total must

SERIAL SHOPPER – this you-know-you-want-me fluorescent fire coral is seriously habit forming


So here it is …!! The new upcoming collection …!! I am absolutely looking forward to it .. The (Blue). i’M Addicted and Sitting Pretty (hibiscus) are so calling out to me already !!!! Let me know what you all like 🙂


3 comments on “Essie Too Taboo Neons Summer 2014

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