Brash – Copper Crunch – Glitter Top Coat

Hello people ,

This is a review of Brash – Copper Crunch .. A golden glitter sold at Payless.

Copper Crunch by Brash used as jewellery top coat with an old pink/rose color nail polish 

I used an old nail polish from my collection , it’s so old that I don’t even remember the name/ make of it .. The color resembles the Revlon Teak Rose .. And I used about two coats of the Brash Copper Crunch.
The bottle is super cute, it’s size of a usual mini polish. It’s goes on well and dries in pretty descent timing. Two coats are needed for a little effect, although even three coats won’t give a complete golden opaque glitter finish. I did try a few glitter polishes, but for the value, it’s definitely worth it.

Under a night Lamp

The golden is very bright and visible golden ( not really copper as the name might suggest, but it’s actually very beautiful) 

The formula looks a little thick, but surprisingly glides in just fine and finishes well. The glitter is pretty evenly suspended and so it covers pretty evenly. It’s quite a challenge to take it off though .. Pretty much every glitter polish is .. But overall, one of my favourite golden glitter polishes.. And quite frankly, I am yet to find something that will replace my preference for this polish .. Who knew I would actually find a great bargain and quality in Payless !! .. This is a must have/ must try ..