Valentine’s Day Looks With Illamasqua

There is no questioning the extreme dramatic and romantic looks that Illamasqua has been creating. I am sharing the two just released makeup looks for that special day of celebrating Love.


Check out the Step By Step Video Tutorials To Achieve the results :



Illamasqua Regal Nail Polish

Growing up,I never imagined a time where nail polishes would be in such variety of colors!! I won’t say I love them all, but Blue .. Can’t seem to get that enough 🙂

Today is another Illamasqua magic .. REGAL.. A cream finish, Royal Blue Color .. Great formula, glossy finish.. One thick coat or a double as per choice is enough for full coverage .. Pictures without top/ base coat taken outside in direct sun ..





OVERALL : Fun summer color & Will suit all skin tones. I am adding it to my “like” list 🙂
Available at Sephora.

Illamasqua Glamore Collection – Trillant

I have been lusting after the Shattered Glass glitter Nail Polishes, part of the Illamasqua Glamore Collection ever since it was released, and I finally went for it 🙂

I picked the Trillant because I don’t have a similar color in my stash.
It’s a silver color with golden and pink undertones. The polish finishes textured matte and is a double coater. Pictures show no top/ base coat. It has suspended circular glitter in a glitter base. Great formula, Average drying time and long lasting.

The pictures are taken in direct sun light but they don’t justify it’s charm, and the polish really glitters !!






OVERALL :Great quality. Excellent formula. Super glittery. Fun color but wearable without worrying about skipping the “formal” color.

So .. What do you all think of it ….? Do let me know … 🙂

Illamasqua Glamore Collection 2014

Hello friends,
Illamasqua has just announced that their new Glamore Collection is up for sale !

The most looked forward to product in this Collection are the Glamore lipsticks. With a new formula they aren’t matte but have a slight sheen to them. Said to have much easier application and highly pigmented they are certain to please.

Colour intense lipstick with a long lasting satin finish. Ideal for a more hydrated comfort finish. Can be worn under a sheer lip-gloss for more 3D Effect.



Click here for Swatches,

For nail polish fans, collection boasts of three limited edition glitter nail polishes, but unlike the usual glitter, this formula adds a whole new dimension to glitter, termed the Shattered Star Nail Varnish they have a mix of small glitter and suspended bigger round chunks of glitter (something that even Zoya Magical Pixie collection that’s recently launched carries)

Shattered Stars are a new take on the same highly pigmented, award-winning and chip resistant Illamasqua nail varnish featuring a a multi-dimensional glitter finish. With three shades to choose, they provide the perfect finish and inspiration for nail art.


Click here for swatches.


Also part of collection are …

Eye Brow Cake : check here



Angled Brush : check here

The perfect brush to define and create precision lines. Ideal for eyebrow and eyeline definition and for sharpening beneath the eyebrow and around the lip with your foundation.


The Ultimate Skin Trinity : check here.
A 3-Step Skin Makeup System. A primer, 5 color selection as Base, 19 color selection finishing foundation.


The Skin Base Trinity ensures you radiate skin confidence every time. Use Hydra Veil to prime, Skin Base Lift to lift and our award-winning Skin Base Foundation to perfect.

All in all : Super Excited !!!!

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Illamasqua – Spring 2014 I’m The One

This is a Red Colored, Valentine’s Inspired Special Edition Collection ! And since it’s Red , I love it already 🙂



Lipstick : $24 for 0.14oz
Maneater – classic cherry red, matt finish ( sold at Sephora. Click for swatch.

Intense Lipgloss : $24
Touch (new color). (Available Soon, I couldn’t find it online for sale anywhere so far)
Picture makes it look like a deep dark red, highly pigmented with deep shimmer.

Coloring Lip Pencil : £14 for 0.05oz
Feisty ( Scarlet Red) … True to its name, this color is Fiesty ! and I am absolutely loving it !
I couldn’t find it in few American stores, so I am not sure of its availability .. (image from the Illamasqua website.

But this ought to give you all a little idea of where the color lies in the shading..( from Illamasqua website)


Nail Varnish : $17 for 0.5oz
( for sale at Sephora )
Throb, launched in 2011 as part of the Throb Valentine’s Collection ( swatches courtesy Scrangie )


I have not used any products by Illamasqua, but RED’s .. YES PLEASE !

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