French Tip Nail Striping with WetNWild Candid Affair

I have been baffled by striping for quite a while now .. And I know it probably makes me sound quite dumb , but seeing striping manicures , I used to think it was a base color and taped off top color (if I make any sense)

For the first time I spotted the Striping tapes at Harmon discount stores, I jumped at it!! Cost me $8USD , and I couldn’t be more happy .. 🙂

They are super fine tapes that can be used as itself or for nail art lining.

I used 3 coats of WetNWild Candid Affair .. A dusty lavender with silver shimmer that does transfer to the nails. It’s a good formula, applies well.. The brush has very thick bristles but it works well. Costs (best part) reasonably under $2USD 🙂




The first two background pictures show the packaging of the striping tape. It has 10 colors and I picked the silver for this manicure ..

TiP : let the base polish be completely dry before adding the striping tape. Once places on the nail, cut it precisely with a cuticle cutter.

Once I applied the tape (for starters it’s easier to go striping from the bottom of the nail to the tip and cutting the extra at the tip … rather than striping sideways, fun fact I learnt later by messing up a few times )

Once done , I topped the tip off with a white Milani polish and finished with a top coat!!


OVERALL: It’s super pretty , but for now I have a long way to go !! And sorry for the super bright pictures, didn’t realize that camera did not capture the contrasts very well. ..


10 comments on “French Tip Nail Striping with WetNWild Candid Affair

  1. This is lovely 🙂

    hey by the way, remember our talk about matte top coats? tried making it myself with some old leftover clear top coat and corn starch, and it works quite well 😀 I’ll try to capture it on camera but that’s always hard with matte top coats 😛


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