Habit Nail Polish in Tabou

Every time I come across a new brand, I am skeptical. Same goes for Habit Nail Paints. I did mention that I won them in a giveaway, but I wonder if it justifies at $18 price tag. It’s harsh chemicals free, with Myrrh extract to strengthen nails and super adorable packaging and a bamboo cap.. But does it work?

This is Tabou, a very rich and vibrant Tangerine orange-red . 3 coater and a great formula as usual .. Finishes sheer-cream. Swatches sans base/top coat.





And the worst part:
This is the polish after 3 days of wear surviving house work, showers and laundry, cooking and cleaning ..


OVERALL : Its pathetic how they can make such a great product, chemical free! It doesn’t chip, didn’t stain my nails. I have no dupes to display and the bottle is so cute! I am sorry but I can’t NOT justify the price any more ūüôā It right up the alley of the high fashion brands and I personally loved it more than Illamasqua (to compare within the same price range products)

Habit Nail Polish In Sweet Life

For those who have never heard of Habit .. It’s a new brand of nail paints. This is a member of their first 10
Piece debut collection.

Habit naturally strengthens nails with Myrrh extract. Myrrh reinforces nails to give them more flexibility without the brittleness you get from chemical nail hardeners. Myrrh is also anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.
Habit is free of Formaldehyde, Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) and Camphor, and is made without animal testing.

The bottle is squared and the top is made with bamboo wood !!!

Today’s polish is Sweet Life.
Defined per website as a berry purple.

Great formula and super easy application. Swatches show 2 coats, no top/ base coat. Creme finish.




Here is a quick comparison to Dior Mirage…(Pointer/ Ring) have the Dior M√Ämmr

Mirage & (middle/little have the Habit)




OVERALL: I had no issues applying the polish great product !!
My only concern, it doesn’t dry right away and takes a few minutes. I through I had something similar in my collection … And I don’t. .. So I love it, this will be my first Radiant Orchid in the stash ! Costs $18 Each.. That’s a bit uncomfortable but certainly worth owning.. It didn’t chip after few days of wear and the color doesn’t loose it’s glossy finish unlike most others. Click here, to make a purchase.
* Products were sent to me as a part of Giveaway I won. All opinions are my own*