ELF HD Blush In Headliner

I have always read great reviews about this brand. It comes at extremely budget friendly price and the cutest packaging that I did get me a blush, it’s a pink liquid with red undertones and called the HEADLINER.

I have seem them Available at Target, Walmart, Harmon Discount Stores and costs $3 USD. The packaging is pretty basic and neat, a paper casing and product comes in a plastic bottle that has a pump action.



For the price I frankly didn’t expect the product to work and like a doubtful moron I pumped a “bit” excessive to check the color..


Trying to blend with fingers :


So much color, trying to blend with the fingers and palm and any way possible :


Finally, took a tissue and blended and rubbed and it worked:


I washed my hands and the color stayed and even in the morning the tint was there ..

OVERALL: I won’t say it’s a great quality, there are better. But for the price it’s really impressive. It’s super pigmented and I noticed a slight subtle shimmer which was to my liking. I will sure be using this again and now sticking to very minimal product and blending well.
NoTE: Register with ELF.com and they sent pretty awesome offers via email, plus it’s free to register !!