Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure In 550 Blue My Mind

Hey friends !
This is just a quick post .. Wanted to share my winter blues 😊
Used the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Polish to satisfy my urge for blue nail color.. It’s a vibrant cobalt blue. Swatched 2 thick coats. It comes with a wide brush which made it difficult to reach nail sides without smudging over the skin. No matter how much I swipe the brush, it still holds polish that drips so you have to careful and quick to apply else it follows onto the nail. It’s a nice color but I didn’t like the brush.





Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet – Classic Mint Green

Just a really classic shade from Sally Hansen, mint green polish Mint Sorbet.
Double coater for perfection, great formula and dries pretty fast. Costs between $3 -$3.50 USD.



OVERALL: Topped it with the Sally Hansen Big Top Coat, great formula and greater price. Wearing it chip free for almost 3 days now, when I took the pictures .. Perfection !

Sally Hansen Big Glitter Top Coat 140 Goldi-Flecks

Sally Hansen has come out with a choice of top coats but this particular one really struck my fancy. Called the Goldi-Flecks, it’s a suspended golden and white bar and hexagonal glitter in clear base. It apples really well and easy, swiping picks up enough glitter to work but dabbing can be an option for extra glitter.

This is one coat over a bunch of polishes for showing how well it works with almost any color… Please excuse the poor condition of my nails, I got sick of long ones and filed them bald 😊




OVERALL: Lovin it!

Sally Hansen Color Foil In 410 Purple Alloy

I love Sally Hansen and the products never disappoint me.. So with the new Color Foil collection I just hAD to try it.
With a range if 10 shades to pick from I chose the purple being the most conservative of the lot.
The packaging is really catchy sadly the formula seemed a bit thick for my liking. Pictures show single coat. Polish is Quick drying too.




OVERALL: As much as I love Sally Hansen, this has been a disappointment. For $8 USD it’s not really a great buy. Unless you are in absolute need for a foil finish, I suggest you pass. The polish is the same color as the exterior of the bottles.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure : 195 Let’s Snow

I have been trying to avoid this for quite a while but I couldn’t any longer .. This is a perfect standard white .. 195 Let’s Snow.
Images are without top/base coat.
Formula is easy to work with. Double coater since white color. The brush is the same wide thick brush that comes in the newer Insta Dri Collection. Although I must admit that the drying time on the Insta Dri has been my favorite amongst all.



OVERALL: This may not be my favorite while polish but the formula seems fine. For around $8, i didn’t like it. I have not worn it enough to comment on the wearing time.

Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Tool Kit Review & Water Marbling Sans Water

For those who have been accompanying my , Should I say “evolution” in nail art know well my inability to create magic with my jello hands.
Having always believed in the right tools for the right job principle… I came across this 450 Tool Kit From Part of “I Heart Nail Art” collection from Sally Hansen. This was the last one left in Walgreens and sold out everywhere else .. Costs around $8 USD and comes with a Detailer Brush, Striping Brush, Marbling & Dotting Tool and a Stencil.


Here is a look I created: Using white nail Polish as a base, I used 4 different contrasting colors (personal choice, you can use as many as you want) draw vertical adjacent stripes (you don’t have to be super tidy because it will all get mixed up). I used Neon Pink, Neon Blue, Neon Orange and Bright Yellow .. For the accent nail I switches the yellow with a bright Green color.

Next, using the Marbling side of the Dotting Tool, draw a random curvy line within the nail making sure that the base white is untouched. Drag the colors to create a mixed random effect.

This is what I got :




Using a bush dipped in acetone, clean the extra polish around the nails and this is the final fun look:


OVERALL: I can’t be more pleased with my purchase. I am yet to explore the other tools which will be posted later, but I must say this is a money well spent. I got the water marble nails without the mess and without the water . Knowing that the nail art tools can be pricey, averaging $3 USD Each, I couldn’t be more glad with the Sally Hansen quality and the results.

My Evil Eye Nail Art & Sally Hansen Satin Glam Go Gold

Hello dear ones !!

Today I have a fun nail art to share ..

I started with 2 coats of Sally Hansen Go Gold , one of 8 from the Satin Glam Collection of 2013. This is my first time using it, and I must say I was very pleased. This is great formula, double coater, very shiny golden finish.

A satin ribbon on your nails! This satin-finish transforms your nails into an accessory. Infused with particles of pearl, this formula applies glossy and dries to an elegant sheen.

Creates a unique, shimmery matte look
Dries to a satin finish


I loved the formula and finish so much that I am sure buying some more !!
I have not seen such a good product from Sally Hansen for a while.. It’s a sure buy!

Now for the Nail Art :

-Using the paper marker circles, I put one on each nail side.
– Next I colored inside the smaller circle with Essie Aruba Blue and the Longer vertical strip with L’oreal Color Riche Crazy For Chic.
-Accent Nail was colored vertical With yellow Nail polish and sprinkled with black glitter dust…
– Topped off with Seche Vite.




Let me know what you all think of it. It’s easy to duplicate , just choose contrasting colors 🙂

I Heart Nail Art Stylo Pens From Sally Hansen

Hello friends !
I went on a long overdue visit to Ulta and Sephora on the weekend and grabbed a bunch of stuff. Amongst that was these Stylo , Nail Art Pens from Sally Hansen. Each priced at $5.99 seems like a pretty awesome idea for “nail art challenged” people like me so I ended grabbing 4 colors out of 6 I could find in store at the time.


This is how it looks open :


And this is how it draws:


OVERALL: I jumped at the idea of convenient pens for nails, turns out the quality of the ink that comes out is watery (not the same consistency of a regular polish), it doesn’t stay on the pre-existing polish on the nail .. I was able to wipe it off with my hands even after a few minutes if application (no remover needed). I was so disappointed that I didn’t open the other 3 and returned them … I don’t know how you might approve of it but for me it’s a major disappointment ..


Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Brisk Blue

Hello lovelies 🙂

I have another popular Spring color today to share, Sally Hansen Insta Dri Brisk Blue

I have been liking this collection more and more with each use, it’s perfect to its motto of


This is a thick single coat, no top/ base coat :





This is a comparison to Essie Hide & Go Chic with Sally Hansen, Essie seems a bit darker :


The Essie Hide & Go a Chic is a few shades darker than Sally Hansen Brisk Blue>

This is an accent nail with Essie She’s Pampered and topped with NYC Matte Top Coat [ I highly recommend this budget friendly Matte top coat in your collection to add a whole new effect to any manicure ]




So, let me know what you all think of the colors 🙂
Love hearing back from you all !