Essie Neon Too Taboo Summer 2014 – Too Taboo

My first purchase from the Essie Neons Summer 2014 collection
I’M Addicted was a big hit for me.
Now, I was sure I wasn’t buying any Neons since they are not in my “comfort” color zone .. But I couldn’t resist the pink color!

So, anyways .. This is the collection’s highlight .. Too Taboo .. A bright hot pink .. !

I won’t call it a real neon pink , but it’s a hot pink for sure πŸ™‚

Single thick coater ,great formula, levels itself to a streak free finish .. Dries to a semi-matte !!

All pictures in direct sun , no top/base coat.




OVERALL: Yea… All right , I love it ! I couldn’t find any dupes in my collection, the closest was Essie The Girls are Out (it has a suspended glitter, Too Taboo is a prefect cream, the colors were also a little varied.. But the bottle broke before I could picture them ) … But Too Taboo is A must buy for summertime πŸ™‚


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