Essie Neons Too Taboo Summer 2014 – Serial Shopper

I went ahead and picked another one from the Neons Collection .. After I’m Addicted and Too Taboo I was getting impressed with the collection .. So I stepped outside my usual picks of colors and got Serial Shopper .. A bold and Bright Neon Orange …!



This is a comparison with the Essie Resort Collection Spring 2014 Resort Filing (L) and Essie Too Taboo Summer 2014 Neons Serial Shopper (R) .. Pictures taken in sunlight(L) and shade (R). The Resort Fling is a softer orange compared to the Serial Shopper which appears a stronger-brighter orange, the first Neon as it appears in this collection.



OVERALL: This was the worst formula so far. Pictures are with 4 (seriously) coats, with no top/bottom coat. The color needs layers to build up although the finish is streak free. It didn’t suit my skin tone but for a neon seeker, this might be a good addition.


13 comments on “Essie Neons Too Taboo Summer 2014 – Serial Shopper

  1. Looks lovely! I don’t have anything like this and it’s not a shade I would normally go for, but now I’m tempted after seeing it on you!


  2. I reciently got Essie’s Haute As Hello, it’s a bright orange with a pink undertone and I’m loving it. You might like it better, I think it makes my hands look tanner than they are!


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