Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure : 195 Let’s Snow

I have been trying to avoid this for quite a while but I couldn’t any longer .. This is a perfect standard white .. 195 Let’s Snow.
Images are without top/base coat.
Formula is easy to work with. Double coater since white color. The brush is the same wide thick brush that comes in the newer Insta Dri Collection. Although I must admit that the drying time on the Insta Dri has been my favorite amongst all.



OVERALL: This may not be my favorite while polish but the formula seems fine. For around $8, i didn’t like it. I have not worn it enough to comment on the wearing time.


19 comments on “Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure : 195 Let’s Snow

    • Oh yes!! You need to look clean wearing white otherwise it might turn to be the worst you can do for your look … As much as it stands out , badly done it amplifies the flaws too ..


  1. White can certainly be tricky. Although this is my favorite formula of polish, it looks like this one was a miss. I think the only white polish I have is Essie Blanc (maybe? I think that’s the name?!) and if my memory serves me correctly, it works very well. Two coats and no streaks.

    I find that the pale pastels of this line all suck in terms of opacity and are a more jelly consistency. Boo. Still love SH though!



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