Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System Review

I have been using this product since December 2013 and it was love at first use!
I have gotten the Professional Microdermabrasion performed multiple times on my face and this doesn’t feel as harsh. The professional treatments will leave you feeling “burnt/ scrubbed ” on the face and any direct sun exposure causes skin to dry and tan sooner. It also leaves the skin a little flaky from intense abrasion. The Neutrogena system can be best defined as “fast vibrating face scrub”. I have a dry/ normal skin. I never had pimples or major acne problems, but during my second pregnancy i has slight Melasma over my cheeks and unlike the first time where I was glowing , my skin became dull.

I started with using the system alternate days for first 2-3 weeks and now I use it once every week or need based (when I use makeup, travel).

– It’s a wand (batteries operated, that come included in packaging ). You put a little plastic plate on it and stick a blue colored ready for each use pad.

– Wet your face (don’t damp as suggested as it will dry your skin during and after treatment ).

– Hold the wand (just the head with the pad) under running water to make sure it’s wet.

-There are two speed setting, but I always found the fast speed effective. (Again, personal choice and need based)

– Move circular motions on the face. Once you covered the whole face and Desired scrub achieved (after 2-3 minutes) .. Stop the wand , wash off the “soapy foam” with cold water. Damp dry the face and apply a moisturizer.







The results are instant !
I was a little scared about the harsh intensity and if it was a smart choice to make, but it’s designed to work well for everyone. It’s not that forceful but like I said it is more of a “face scrub” .. I found the best deal on the Company website ($19.99) , but other stores like Target, CVS, Ulta also sell it. The first package comes with 12 pads , but you need to purchase refills ($13.99) for 24 pads, which i have still not finished.

OVERALL : This is an essential item of my face cleaning system now. I have seen rotating brushes and other cleaning systems costing well over $100… I swear by this system and would recommend you all to try. This is my personal purchase and opinions are my own.