L’oreal Smooth Intense Ultimate Straight Series Of Hair Care Products


I am not a person to review a shampoo. I have tried pretty much all the kinds out their and realized how they fall flat on their claims. 

I was recently sent the Loreal shampoo/conditioner set for straight hair and I tried it with pretty much no expectations. 

It’s a 4 step system: Starts with a shampoo, followed by a conditioner (to be applied and left in for a min) , followed by another conditioner (applied over the previous one without rinsing, kept for 2-3 minutes) and finally washed off. 

There is a Balm that follows, to be applied to damp hair before blow drying/ styling/ using a flat iron. 

Style the hair as usual. 

My hair were straightened before bed, expecting it to loose style by morning. 

That’s where the moment of zen happened. Hair was flat and perfectly straight and I could literally walk out without a retouch. 

My hair gets oily in 2-3 days and loose style the second day. My hair was straight and styled for 4 days (although it did get oily as always). 

OVERALL: The product works! I have been using it for over 3 weeks now and I have noticed a nicer finish, softer hair and a great fragrance! It might seem tedious initially, but I can not better justify the extra couple of minutes to see the great results!! 

*products sent for my honest review by influenster 

Loreal Visible Lift Serum Absolute Concealer/Correcteur

A twist base corrector/concealer pen from L’oreal that disperses the fluid through a brush applicator and can be applied directly to your facial target areas. 

Retails at $12.50 USD, this lightweight formula come in 4 color shades Fair, Light, Medium and Medium Deep. 

Best used for undereye area and to even the skin tone. This is not to be expected to work as a heavy duty concealer but I would certainly rate it satisfactory as a corrector. 

One thing to be kept in mind, this finishes matte powder, which can seem to settle in fine lines, especially if overdone in areas with a thin layer of skin like the undereye. To avoid that, be sure to prime the skin well, use a mousturizer and finish with a setting powder. For rest of the face, you can do fine with just spot treatment for those minimalist makeup days. Use it under a powder foundation and over a liquid foundation, although personally I prefer to use it BEFORE I apply any foundation. 

The manufactures suggest picking your skin tone shade or a shade lighter. The brush applies well, I however still prefer to even if out with my fingertips or using a concealer brush and working in circular motions. 

OVERALL : It’s an extremely convenient, non messy and a travel friendly item. I suggest owning atleast one and keeping handy for touchups during the day. It’s discreet and works pretty well. I suggest this for everyday use, but you might want to jump to a more longer lasting and effective product if you seek coverage. For those who have subtle target areas around the face, this is your answer. 

L’oreal Color Caresse Wet Shine Stain In 192 Everlasting Caramel

Discover a stain that thinks it’s a gloss. Now hydration & shine meet lasting, lightweight color. Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain combines the power of a lip stain with lip-gloss luster. This next generation lip stain, formulated with a blend of light hydrating oils & concentrated pigments, delivers lasting color with a glossy finish. Packed with 30% water, Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain leaves lips soft, comfortable and hydrated for up to 6 hours.Available in 12 Shades.

Retails at $9.99 USD.





OVERALL: I usually don’t wear browns for they don’t suit me and add a mature look to my face.. I stick with Red’s, Pink’s and Orange Hues but this was so subtle with hints of brick red that it’s a great fall color and a refreshing new member in my collection. Stays pretty long once you let it dry and set after applying on the lips. Feels light for a gloss and I must say I recommend it a try.

L’oreal Paris Colour Riche The Blam 418 Caring Coral

Extremely Hydrating, it doesn’t really have much of a color but more of a sheen tint.

Indulge your lips with Colour Riche® Balm. This tinted lip balm provides a hint of luscious, kissable color, smoothing lips instantly and for a full 8 hours of continuous hydration. Lips are softer and more supple all day long—and keeps conditioning even after it’s been removed.
Available in 8 wearable shades.






Left is single swipe and Right is 3 swipes (not much color)


OVERALL: Packaging Looks really tempting. I won’t agree with 8 hour wear… It gives about 3-4 hours of hydration. The color is too mild and looks more of a sheer gloss or lip balm. Nice product but I wish for more color, at least for a product that costs almost $8.

L’oreal Extraordinaire 1-2-3 Step Nail Gel System Review

This is a 3 step system, where the Base [Step 1] and the Top Coat [Step 3] are sold together in a package. The especially formulated polish is sold separately in a range of 22 different colors.

The recommended step is usage is :

Shake gently. After applying Gel-Primer, apply 2 coats followed by Extraordinaire Gel-Glaze.

These are pictures with base coat and 2 layers of polish. No top coat applied yet.




With top coat : the shine was amazing!



This is after 2 day wear: To be honest I touched a cotton ball full of acetone, so the roughness on the pointer comes from that. The middle finger however remains untouched, pictures capture it’s actually wear.


Finally , pictures from 5 day wear, I dint reapply or retouch any nail..


OVERALL: Pretty impressive, I must say. This was my non dominant hand. Dominant hand did loose more polish but totally understandable .. It survived dishes, bathing two kids, fine laundry, cooking and cleaning.. So, considering my usual polish lasts 2 days, this was pretty interesting.
I tried using my Dior Mirage, with this system, didn’t work and peeled off the polish the next day. So the system works if you complete the 1-2-3 steps the way it’s designed.
Polish shown: Rose to the Occasion retailing at $7.99 USD and the 1-3 step system for $13.99 USD.

L’oreal 113 Indigo Classic, Summer 2014 Miss Denim Collection

From their new limited Edition Collection for Summer 2014, L’oreal Colour Riche Miss Denim, I am sharing the 113 Indigo Classic. It’s a set of 6 colors and I went for the Royal

This is a single coater but I doubled to add the deeper blue effect and I prefer to use the 2 coats. Applied sans top/base coat.
It feels grainy and rough, looks like denim on nails .

NOTE: This is a bit more rough feeling than the Revlon Downtown from their Leather & Tweed Collection .. But they are pretty much the same.





OVERALL: It’s different and fun and I like it more than the Revlon Downtown. Applies really easy. But I don’t think I will buy any more colors from this collection.

L’oreal Extraordinaire Lip Color in 303 Rouge Allegro & 202 Coral Encore

How any times have we heard that what looks good doesn’t really taste good ..? So goes for makeup .. Usually a nice packing is road to disappointing product.. This gets proven wrong by the L’oreal Extraordinaire Lip Colors!! They come in 13 colors, cost around $10- $12 USD Each , highly pigmented lip glosses!!

Transform lips from ordinary to extraordinary. Color is richer, lip surface is smoother and shine is magnified. Formulated with precious micro-oils and rich color pigments, Extraordinaire provides the ideal balance of color and care for perfect lips. The unique soft-touch applicator allows for a silky-smooth, gliding application.

I have purchased 2 colors: 303 Rouge Allegro (Cherry Red- Fuchsia color) and 202 Coral Encore (Orange-Coral Color)
The packaging is super stylish, application is very easy, it just glides onto the lips. It feels a little “heavy/sticky” initially like most glosses but the best part … THE GLOSS DISSOLVES INTO A LIP STAIN!!

For those like me who hate to reapply lip colors, this outlasts the Revlon Lip Stains (which I truly loved) ..Any day !! I wore in the morning and had breakfast and coffee and I still had tinted lips till noon. My favorite is the 303 Rouge Allegro. The 202 Coral Encore doesn’t spread well and kinda “sits” on the lips .. No matter how hard I spread it , it forms a visible layer of color on the boundaries of my lips. ..





This is the 303 Rouge Allegro on lips before and after :


This is 202 Coral Encore on lips before and after :


OVERALL: Can’t get over the 303 ! This is truly Extraordinaire …!! I am not using other lip products ever since I own this … 🙂

JLo American Idol Nails – L’oreal upcoming Summer 2014 Collection

Hello dear friends !!

I have something really exciting to share.. For all nail polish or American Idol or JLo fans , if you are following American Idol.. last night the best part was Jennifer Lopez’s “Pantone Color of the Year Radiant Orchid” color nail paint .. 🙂
Yup, now I love American Idol but nothing beats a good show with great fashion .. Here is a picture from the show so you will know what’s the dealio..


So the “can’t wait to own the color” me
Tweeted Tom Bachik and asked what color it was .. Well, it’s an ucoming collection from L’oreal set for release this summer and available July 2014 .. So like me, you all gotta wait in excitement 🙂
So, something to look forward to.

I wish I was someone famous (ya who doesn’t).. You really get all great stuff don’t ya !

I read it somewhere a while back and it so makes sence .. When you can’t afford stuff , you need to pay for it.. And when you can afford everything, you get it all for free.. Damn right !!

Anyways .. This is another manicure by Tom Bachik for JLo created a whole hype : Image from NailsMag


Super awesome !!
Let me know what you all think 🙂

Sally Hansen Insta Dri Blue Away

Hello pretties !!

I am getting more and more in mood for Summer and screening my summer choices. I was not sure about this but turns out to be such a pretty blue… It’s Blow-Away sorry .. Blue-Away by Sally Hansen from the Insta Dri Collection. Now this is amongst the fastest drying polishes I have seen. I have always been thoroughly impressed with their “true to word” (almost single coater unless lighter colors where double application is needs).. Streak free glossy finishes. I won’t call it 60 second but yes 2-3 mins and all done is seriously fast for me.
All pictures are 2 coats , no top coat.
Check out the glossy finish!!




I am holding the Sally Hansen Blue-Away against the L’oreal Not A Cloud In Sky .. Comparison without and with flash ..


Finally : Random brush strokes , using Sally Hansen Blue-Away as a base, strokes of LVX Viridian and topped with Sephora Formula X Over The Moon…



Overall: I love this color, formula and application was easy although be mindful of the thick brush and the formula dripping in-spite of trying to brush off on the bottle neck.. It’s a sure buy for the Spring – Summer and you will not be more pleased !!
FYI : I know it’s a challenge to get good coverage with pastels, this formula ranks much better than Essie Hide & Go Chic pastels !!

Let me know what you all think .. Would love to know !!
Love …

My Top Beauty Products

Hello friends !!

I just wanted to share my top 5 must have-can’t live without beauty products. If I was denied all makeup and just left with a choice of 5 things, these would be it ..


The Good’ol Vaseline: Nothing beats it for moisturizing hands, feet, face and chapped lips. Also the best makeup remover. I learnt this trick during my short time shooting for a bollywood movie. At the end of the day, we used a lot of baby oil ( Vaseline works equally good), rubbed circular over face and neck and then wiped with a tissue. All makeup gets pulled out from the pores. Then just a good water wash and you are all set ! I really believe in this because it’s a crazy idea to remove makeup with chemicals , defeats the whole “chemical free” skin purpose.

Kajal or a Kohl EyeLiner: I love beautiful eye makeup, but with 2 kids and chasing them, who has the time? This is my makeup essential that defines the whole face. I have been wearing a black kohl pencil for years now .. And it’s super easy.. Just a line on tip of the eyelid and one starting from the tear line to the end .. And that’s a go! I have tried a few brands and this one from L’oreal is my favorite, costs $6 and lasts all day. Plus soft enough for easy application and smudge proof.



A Red Lipstick: My favorite one for a while has been the Estée Lauder Signature 35 Rich Red. It’s a true Red! Very very moist and great easy application. Can be used as a cheek highlighter as well. I have used his directly or with a brush for precision either way I love it. I change the color to a lighter shade by dabbing on my lips and rubbing Vaseline on top.. So it’s a win.



A Red Nail Paint: Nothing beats a true red! It’s one color that looks great on all skin tones. Super sexy and edgy .. My current favorite is Red Hot Rio from the Opi Brazil
collection. If I was to wear one color all my life m, I’d pick red any-day 🙂


A great Fragrance : I am particular about smelling fresh and great all the time. Currently i own over 15 fragrances & having gone through bottles and bottles of fragrances I keep reaching back for Bvlgari Crystalline !! It’s fruity and floral is perfect balance .. 🙂


So here it goes , my top beauty picks I can’t live without or shall I say I can live with for the rest of my life. Let me know your picks, I would live to hear about what you have tried and tested and swear by 🙂