Artis Elite Mirror Makeup Brush In Oval 6

*Press Sample 

An innovation in the art of makeup application and a new standard in the makeup brushes. Featured in Allure magazine as “Revolutionary” , HarperBazar branding them as “Amazing”, these brushes are tough ones to ignore. 

The ergonomic patent design of the brush handles allow precise application of makeup without obstructing the view in the mirror. 

Matthew Waitesmith, the founder and designer of these unique brushes carried his experience of over 17 years working and eventually heading the entire Artis Training and Development Program at MAC Cosmetics into creating this innovative product. 

These cruelty free brushes are super soft and more densely packed than any other makeup brush, allowing for finer and more even distribution of the products on the face. 

I picked the Oval 6, as it’s the most versatile of all the other brushes for applying face makeup. I cannot help but keep touching and gliding it over my face, it feels divine. 

Here is a check list of what the other brushes do in terms of versatility .. 

OVERALL: These brushes can be cleaned by simply sliding them over a special cleaning cloth (created and sold by Artis) that removes all makeup and restores the fibers to just new. So no more scrubbing and rubbing those nasty buggers! They can seem a bit extravagant on the price point, but they are definitely worth the buck, quality sure give the big (and pricier) brands a run for their money. Also considering how each brush is designed to multitask , it averages to a price of the more economical brands by minimizing the need of stacking a bunch. I cannot enforce how amazing they are, try it to love it ! Sold online at and Net-A-Porter. These WILL revolutionize your makeup vanity.  

My All Day Summer Party Makeup

We just hosted a party to celebrate my younger one’s First BirthDay. For a well put together, but no need for touchups look this is what I used :

1-NYX HD Studio photogenic primer. (after using quite a few brands, this is my favorite!)
2-Revlon photo ready concealer on nose, under eyes, on the lips and around the mouth.
3- Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation applied in a single layer by finger tips.
4- Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush applied with a brush under cheek bones and around the jaw line.
5- Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Multi-Color Powder Applied with a Kabuki Brush over the face.
6- Nyx Lip Primer over the Lips.
7- Lancôme Neutral color Palette used a white color around the inner corner of the eyes, finished with earthy golden color on the eyelid.
8- Urban Decay Water proof Eyeliner in (Black) Zero applied around the eye.
9- A generous spray of the Urban Decay Makeup Settign Spray over the face.
10- Mac mascara in black on the lashes.
11- Finished with L’oreal Extraordinaire 303 Rouge Allegro.

And Done !

Except for one time reapplication of the lip color I was good from 9am to past 6pm … After which i took off the makeup.
This worked so great for me! The skin felt fresh and yet clean.
Let me know if anything you would like Swatched….. 😀