Revlon Parfumerie Fresh Linen & Nails Inc Electric Lane

Hello dear ones !!

For those who have read my past posts
I am trying to be a bit lazy and combine two polishes in a single post .. Hope you will like what I chose to share ..

First up is the Revlon Parfumerie Collection member Fresh Linen, a pearl white polish that smells of laundry. Out of all those I smelt from this collection this one is most pleasing and subtle. The scent doesn’t stay on forever, mine was gone the next morning !
The formula was a bit on the runny side, but it builds up nice and 4 coats did well for full opaqueness. Although a bit streaky it’s got a nice satin finish into a pearl white color.The picture are shown with no base/ top coats and shade/ direct sun for comparisons :


The polish has a nice silver shimmer, that does transfer well in the nails .. A close-up in direct sun:


Up next is the polish from Nails Inc. , called the holographic top coat Electric Lane. Costs $10 USD and available at Sephora, kinda reminds me of Sephora Oh Zone! from their Formula X Collection: I used two coats over the Revlon Fresh Linen. The polish is so sparkly!! It’s a clear base with suspended multi colored glitter, I took pictures out of focus to capture the effects :



And finally: A comparison of the polish in shade and direct sun ..


OVERALL: The Revlon is a great pearl white and if you don’t have this color in your collection this might me a good choice to go for.

The Nails Electric Lane ( costs $10), it’s a great glitter coat over any polish for effects. I like it more than the Oh Zone! (Costs $12.50) because it carries a much more depth. I have however seen a similar polish in Ulta by China Glaze and it costs a lot less, plus it comes in a mini pack too… I have not used it but it looks similar.. So it’s not the rarest polish out there, but it’s a good one to own, great formula, easy application .. And who can ever have too much sparkles ..?

So let me know what you all think ūüôā