French Tip Nail Striping with WetNWild Candid Affair

I have been baffled by striping for quite a while now .. And I know it probably makes me sound quite dumb , but seeing striping manicures , I used to think it was a base color and taped off top color (if I make any sense)

For the first time I spotted the Striping tapes at Harmon discount stores, I jumped at it!! Cost me $8USD , and I couldn’t be more happy .. 🙂

They are super fine tapes that can be used as itself or for nail art lining.

I used 3 coats of WetNWild Candid Affair .. A dusty lavender with silver shimmer that does transfer to the nails. It’s a good formula, applies well.. The brush has very thick bristles but it works well. Costs (best part) reasonably under $2USD 🙂




The first two background pictures show the packaging of the striping tape. It has 10 colors and I picked the silver for this manicure ..

TiP : let the base polish be completely dry before adding the striping tape. Once places on the nail, cut it precisely with a cuticle cutter.

Once I applied the tape (for starters it’s easier to go striping from the bottom of the nail to the tip and cutting the extra at the tip … rather than striping sideways, fun fact I learnt later by messing up a few times )

Once done , I topped the tip off with a white Milani polish and finished with a top coat!!


OVERALL: It’s super pretty , but for now I have a long way to go !! And sorry for the super bright pictures, didn’t realize that camera did not capture the contrasts very well. ..