Hello dear ones !!

I wonder if anyone had heard of these cosmetics that keep following you on twitter and you have no clue who they are … That happened ..
Ever heard of mine Lacquer .. Anyone..??

I couldn’t find any swatches online so I thought “Hey, normally companies are really nice and a ESP a company will never be impolite if I ask for some samples”… I mean the worst answer I can get is ” Sorry we don’t give samples, but feel free to try it in (whatever) store or buy it” ..

This is what I get : plz check the time stamps to the responses to ..


I sent them this text today morning because I am seriously wondering that it’s been 24 hours and they are the ones on twitter following me when I don’t know em .. And most importantly I am just not happy about their lack of care ..

So I get this response :


YUP !!!! After 24 hours of my asking for a response they care to respond.
And this is my response , which didn’t deliver cause they stopped following me .. Class act right ..?


So guys.. I don’t know about you but I am not a fan of people who start a company and don’t care to be nice to customers. The products might a bit pricey but we can all buy it if we find it worth the buck. If big brands think that by being rude they can focus on a few people out there and ignore the rest , I wish them all the best but doubt how long will customers like a bad attitude… I have been in communication with many companies at some point or the other.. And I don’t mind a NO.. But this was most humiliating response I ever got…

I am bigger than that.. I still tried to be polite but they unfollowed me right then cause I believe they care less ..

I am sorry dear friends .. But you please be the judge of it .. And pass it along if you feel right .. We bloggers are a family and we believe in each others words. We are smart shoppers who like to know what another person things of a product before we buy it. America runs on product reviews.. I spend a $1 or a $100,000 I make sure I read reviews .. And if one company thinks that our opinion is not their concern .. Wanting a response does not make a person a stalker … I don’t like this response and Well then they can count me out ..

Avoid Rude Responses, My twitter Horror

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28 comments on “Avoid Rude Responses, My twitter Horror

  1. Woah, I think you’re overreacting talkerblogger… I mean… give the woman a chance to respond. It’s nice that you had an interest in checking out Mine’s products but did you bother to send information about your blog, your followers, how far your coverage goes?

    Your tweet attacked first and publicly … so if you’re going to point the rude fingers, I think maybe you should look in the mirror before blasting some new nailpolish company for not replying to your message faster.

    Tsk tsk on you, you shouldn’t treat brands like this and blast them expecting your ass to be kissed.

    I am NOT impressed with this post.


    • I am so sorry you feel like that dear.
      I have had brands bigger than this reply with much more courtesy.
      The point of twitter was to start a conversation. The blog coverage and all was to come later once the communication started. And if you noticed, all the guy has to do was respond .. Calling ppl stalkers was too much .. I don’t care about a no, it’s cool.. But calling me a stalker was a bit uncalled for .. 😦

      Again .. I dont care to make a huge deal of it, but I have communications from other companies saved up .. You will be amazed at the difference of attitudes


      • By the way. The “guy” is a girl. And if you didn’t mean to make a huge deal of it, you wouldn’t have posted an entire blog dedicated to it asking your followers I respond, etc.


        • Dear Kristen, if you do feel that I have hurt your feelings in any way, I apologize .. I can remove the post because it’s no big deal .. I don’t want to get any personal success from this .. Plus if you see I am just a small time blogger , I don’t even have a huge following to be very effective .. No one even probably reads my blog to be quite frank ..


      • I understand, you are starting something new, and you are quite young. You did not hurt my feelings, as this is not my brand. I just think that you should let this be a learning experience for your future endeavors, and just realize that if you expect professional and courteous responses, you should do the same as well. Good luck


        • I appreciate your comments Kristen. And I am really really sorry if you feel like I over reacted. All I wanted to share was an expense that made me feel uneasy. I am too little to make a huge difference to that company, or any company .. But as a nobody I wanted to share that calling me a stalker was uncalled for.. She could have said anything but that..
          If you really want I can take off the post .. I don’t want to put something up that upsets anyone at all ..


  2. I’m also…. NOT impressed with your whopping 18 followers, guess you’re not the influencer you pretend to be.


  3. Your grammar and spelling are atrocious… you should go back to your junior high and bitch slap your English teacher for letting you out of 8th grade.


    • It’s a prob I am working on Nunya.. I use my phone and what I type ends up changed because of the auto correct. I am not a great writer, but please believe me when I say that I am a little better than what appears on the blog 😦


  4. Oh my. If you want the truth, your response to her the next morning was completely inappropriate. Not everyone is on Twitter 24/7, and she didn’t see your message until the next day due to various reasons. You sent the rude remark to her first: “go (I assume you meant to put ‘good’ there?) going guys…pretty neat”. That was a snarky remark on your part, prior to her saying anything at all to you. Her products are quite expensive, so if you expected a sample, you should have been much more professional than you were.


    • I am my friend .. I was just a bit disappointed and hurt by being addressed to as a stalker… I don’t care about a NO from a company as long as they don’t make ppl feel small .. I am sorry if I have hurt anyone’s feelings, but I really wish you consider being addressed to like this .. I am sure you will be a bit angry.
      I was 100% honest , that’s why I shared every bit of the incident , including time stamps .. I know I am not getting any positive responses for my actions , but I don’t want to modify the truth even if I look wrong. I only wanted to say that it was not the right answer to address a person asking for a response as a stalker .. 😦


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  6. I haven’t read all of the discussions about this, but I’ve got a couple of things to say in this.
    At first; 24 hours is not a lot of time to respond, not for big companies, not for small ones. You could’ve showed a little patience before calling them out on twitter. From their side, they should have NEVER called you ‘stalkery’ in public.
    Secondly, they state they have swatches on their website, and at first this seemed true, but then I did some research! Those swatches looked too perfectly to be true.. And guess what I found? Compare these two images: https://s3.amazonaws.com/minaatra/product_images/images/000/000/031/original/Nails_FineSilvercropped_copy.jpg?1385400551 and https://s3.amazonaws.com/minaatra/product_images/images/000/000/035/original/Nails_pewter_mattecropped_copy.jpg?1385400556 .. See! They’re exactly the same images with a different colour.. I must say I wasn’t tempted to buy any of their polishes, I would never spend that much on nail polish xD
    But I strongly agree with your point that for a polish this expensive, good swatches (at least) should be provided to make a educated choice.

    Anyway, I hope you never have a conversation like this again, it’s bad for both parties!


    • Firstly, I want to express gratitude for your kind insight. You have a valid point about 24 hours being not a huge time window to respond. I have ongoing communications with a few companies ( well established commercially and not so much , both kinds) and it’s expected response time via emails have been over 4-8 weeks. While some respond with a personally typed acknowledgement others send an auto generated response, either way a response is communicated.
      My reason of twitter message was because the company followed me and I was curious to bypass lengthy responses, hence I DM them.
      The swatches ( correctly pointed by you) seemed digital .. And I was wondering what the actual product is really like… The company works out of NY, same time zone as me, so I was uneasy about no response at all whatsoever ..
      I was hurt by bring called stalker, which was uncalled for. I have saved responses from other brands (yes/no) that respond with a more “pleasant” response I guess ..
      However, I believe things got a bit out of control .. I have cleared up this with the owner.. And we both were a little “unethical” I guess.. She has been
      Pretty nice and we decided to out things in the past.. I do wish her the best .. And thanks for your comments dear.. Sorry for the super long response ..


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