Sephora Formula X – Oh Zone !

Well , I painted two coats of the sephora Oh zone! Over the NYC TriBeCa Silver single coat and it looks like diamonds on the nails !!!! It’s so georgeous that I have fallen in love with the glitter .. It feels super smooth on nails, is multi dimensional glitter, sparkling in every light. The polish dried super quck, by the time I finished the first coat on both hands, the polish had already dried on the first hand and ready for the seconds…. ! 







The polish will make you fall in love with itself and this is definitely staying in my top picks.. I got it for $12.50 , but after using a few glitter paints already, I will say .. Good Job ! 

Glad I purchased it …You might want to look at the video below because I feel that the pictures doesn’t quite capture the glitter !! (.. Yes not even so many pictures !)

2 comments on “Sephora Formula X – Oh Zone !

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