Avoid Rude Responses, my twitter story

Dear Readers ..

I appreciate all your comments .. Thank you for your thoughts about my past post .. I write with the only purpose of giving a voice to my thoughts and not to hurt or attack anyone .. ESP not those care to read my blog or those who cared to voice their feelings.
I have removed the post because you feel that I was in the wrong .. I have tried to get in touch with the owner of the company, she has not responded so far or chose not to respond either way it’s fine .. I have sent her tweets and tried to clear this misunderstanding.

The point was not by any means to get free stuff .. But it was just to get some acknowledgement .. I have communicated with many companies.. Commercial and not so huge ones too and understand that such approvals take a certain process to final decisions but they all acknowledge the communication which didn’t happen…
However, I do not wish to hurt anyone. My only objection was being called a “stalker” for asking an acknowledgement .. I was first reached out by being followed on twitter and my curiosity was all that I followed by asking about the products..

Plz take a look at the tweets I sent since last night and hopefully you might feel in your hearts that all I want is to wish then the best and no more further communication is expected from them:






And yes spell check : I dint mean
“attract” I meant “attack”

For all those unaware of the post, this is an exclusive link to set things right … The original post has been removed off the blog ..

And I am sorry if I have hurt anyone’s feelings and Veleta I wish you the best, I am not a stalker and I am not the person with an intent of hurting your feelings.

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2 comments on “Avoid Rude Responses, my twitter story

  1. WOW. I’m sorry this happened to you. I’m new to blogging too just doing it for the same reason you are. I enjoy sharing and it’s something I’m passionate about. I saw this post and I can only imagine how you’d feel. =(


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