Let’s play tag !!
Dear Soph tagged me in for this awesome post , so here are my two cents on it, let me know what you all think… and …..TAG !



Blush or Bronzer :


Personally I am a makeup free skin person. I use makeup OnLY for occasions like formal events, otherwise I use any moisturizer I can find and I am done. But if I do, I use a Blush on the temples of my cheeks (best way I find is sucking the cheeks in N what’s left on top of the cheek hollows is what I color with a wide brush. My fav blush is by MAC and Estée Lauder. (Usually neutral pinks)

Lip gloss or Lipstick:

I’d say a lipgloss (maybe) .. Although I totally love me Red lipstick (check post here), between the two I will pick lipgloss because a good one won’t dry your lips (mine are parched, forget dry !!) so if I don’t have any other way of moisturizing them a gloss would work. Really good ones are from Smashbox (posted here), my favorite being Electric Orange.

Eye liner or Mascara:

Eyeliner for sure. NoTHIng will “define” your eyes like an eyeliner. I always feel like my eyes look dead without one.. (Check my favorite one here)

Foundation or Concealer : I never use the concealer except maybe twice in my life. That too for postpartum “dead eyes of a new patent” coverage, but I wasn’t quite pleased with it. I stick to foundation, but best coverage comes from moisturizer – foundation+moisturizer – blush – (baby powder dusting with a face makeup brush in Summer) – sealing with pressed compact dabbing .. Followed by good application of a Kajal … As long as eyes are well enhanced minor flaws get a backseat and baby powder dusting helps smooth skin creasing by settling in skin ..

Neutral or Colour eye shadow : Neutral any day… I am a subtle make up look person, so browns, silver, neutral pinks and earthy tones for me. Again silver and whites with black eyeliner and done!

Pressed or Loose eye shadows : Pressed that I apply with eye shadow brush and blend with a brush or tips if needed. If I am not happy with the look, I blend /”erase” the extra color with a hand towel and get a almost no makeup look.

Brushes or Sponges : Brushes any day! The hands work great if you do skip the sponges. The main ones I use are 4.. Kabuki for face , one for eyes, a medium for blush and a lipstick brush.


OPI or China Glaze : Opi any day ..!! Never used China Glaze cause I seem to like the Opi colors more. Plus weird reason I don’t like the shape of bottle or logo of China Glaze .. (Crazy I know)

Long or Short : As a full time mom, short nails… But even otherwise medium to medium-short .. Manageable, don’t chip , don’t hurt while typing on keyboard and always looks like you mean business.. More of a sultry look but “Not afraid to fix the car” if needed kinda mean girl look…

Acrylic or Natural : Natural for me always…

Brights or Darks : Brights and Classic brights .. Not the whacko type colors ..


Perfume or Body splash : A good perfume, Because like a cheap lipstick you can always spot a fake smell. A bad odor is the biggest turn off 😦

Lotion or Body butter : Yea … Dummy answer .. Whatever I can find In the time I have .. With two kids … It’s a privilege to get to use any 😦

Body wash or Soap: I would prefer a body wash but I am not so picky about the soap too .. As long as it serves the purpose, I’m good !

Lush or Other bath company : Yea about that , few years ago I walked I to a LUSH store at Florida airport. The sales lady was super proud of the stuff and all .. My question : “Is it a good brand cause I have never heard of it back in New Jersey/ New York?”
Her answer : *Nasty Stare* “yea ( idiot )”
Me : *F-ing Nasty B-yach*

Back home , there is a huge LUsH store at a mall I have been going to for years and didn’t even notice..
Final answer : too embarrassed to go back to the store 😦
So , any commercial brands .. Don’t really fancy names … As long as it’s serving its purpose and under $10 I am happy 🙂


Jeans or Sweat pants : Used to sleep in my jeans, now after two kids and life .. Sweat pants if clean

Long sleeve or Short : Half

Dresses or Skirts : Neither .. Have not worn em since school … Don’t like em …

Stripes or Plaid : Plaid…. !

Flip flops or Sandals : first rule is good support and flat.. Flip flops

Scarves or Hats: Personally I would love to wear them more than I do.. But yes, amongst the two .. A nice silk scarf ..

Studs or Dangly earrings: Ooo Studs any day .. Super comfy

Necklaces or Bracelets : Hate em both .. But I wear the necklace ..

Heels or Flats: prefer bare feet to heels .. So flats for me .. I have been amongst tallest girls all my life ( I am an Indian at 5’6″, considered taller than avg) so never needed to wear heels, plus my father always made sure we stick to flats growing up to ensure a good and healthy bone growth , so now I can barely walk in heels ) Actually my fav pair of footwear my nike and now Adidas running shoes .. 🙂

Cowboy boots or Riding boots : I thought they were the same deal .. I like those Texas made original American made, leather cowboy boots .. Something like these

Jacket or Hoodie: A jacket .. Hoodies make me feel warm and lazy.

Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe : None .. I am 32 yrs old .. So yea none

Abercombie or Hollister: none

Saks 5th or Nordstrom : Nordstrom any day !! Best customer service ..


Curly or Straight : I have these stupid fine hair that go limp in 3 days .. But straight is what I like

Bun or Ponytail : Can’t make a good bun without looking like a whacko doodle .. So ponytail

Bobby pins or Butterfly clips: Butterfly clips

Hair spray or Gel: I avoid both, but to use I choose the hairspray (I use the one from Pantene, pretty descent)

Long or Short: Short, I went bald in school cause I wanted short hair .. Looked hideous, so I maintain shoulder or below shoulder length hair , although I am currently growing hair to donate to Locks of Love.

Light or Dark : dark .. My natural color

Side sweep bangs or Full bangs : Side sweep for years now .. Although I always wanted the full ones

Up or Down : Oh sorry, it confused me. I was like WTF up or down .. Then I went back to the original one by Soph, it’s about letting hair down or tying up .. So yea.. Hair tied up


Rain or Shine: Rain .. Rain … Rain .. But not the dark and gloomy ones .. The ones you get in warm areas like in India.. 🙂

Summer or Winter: Whatever it is, I want the other one

Fall or Spring: Fall, I love the smell of cinnamon and pumpkin in the air. .. 🙂
Plus sitting by the fire and hot chocolates …so yes fall

Chocolate or Vanilla: Depends .. ice cream vanilla rest all chocolate ..

So that’s it my dear ones … Thanks for reading 🙂
It was fun doing this !!

I am passing the tag to my close friends :
* Hayley from LovethyNail
* Rachael from life inspired
* Jessica from BeHappybuy polish
* Jessica from Beyoutifukbeauty

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6 comments on “Tag

  1. Thanks for doing this tag lovely, I really enjoyed your answers 🙂 I loved the comment about the seasons! You want whatever one there isn’t, I think I’m like that too haha.
    Also how rude was that woman in Lush! I would definitely give it another go because their products are amazing xx


    • Awwwe.. You flatter me dear .. I was humbled by your including me .. I myself was enjoying your post so much that it motivated me to be a part of it .. And seasons, you bet !!

      I will surely listen to you and go back to LUsH .. 🙂


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