REACTION …… What defines it..


This comes from the dictionary.

But what defines it’s appropriateness? Is it the acceptance, or it’s perception.
I have recently been pacing in my mind trying to categorize the word and it’s application.
My recent encounter with the said has made me question The balance between action and reaction.

Can we include another factor to define its justification .. Perspective


What’s tricky is the individual’s evaluation to a situation and hence the reaction.. Thereby perception.

My recent experience has pointed out an insight into a flawed human behavior… We might be faulty reactors.

I reacted to a delayed response partly because we are so used to being responded back within minutes, social media / emails and if nothing works,
phone calls. We leave a voice mail and if we don’t get a call back we call again or text or tweet but the wait is not the possibility anymore. Is it the curse of connection or the comfort of it.. shall I say we have tossed patience out the window. What’s an acceptable time limit between delayed response or being disregarded.

Question also arises in the possible victim of miscommunication/ misinterpretation or should I be candid and call communication/ interpretation.

The culprit is partly Doubt. Can it be explained .. Guess not.. Can it be justified.. Probably not.. It’s only a feeling .. One of many emotions that fan out of our spectrum of reaction.

But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind.

Maybe sometimes we all are just humans … Not the victims of doubts , perspective or action/ reaction balance .. Just silly humans……

By talker blogger Posted in Chaos

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