Mentality Shadow & Estée Lauder 69 Frozen Fantasy

Hello dear ones !!

It’s been a sunless, cloudy, gloomy day and I am most disappointed for I really wanted to share some pretties!!
But since the impatient me couldn’t wait, I went ahead and sat by the front house window and voila !! (So glad I did)

This is Mentality Shadow.The most apt description is from the maker..

Shadow is a blackened rose metallic creme nail polish.

I had never heard about this brand before but they have an ongoing promotion on Facebook and twitter till 4/20/2014 for a daily free holo polish giveaway.. And I was interested!

The particular color is from their Metallic Cream Collection and retails at $6.50 USD. The first impression is that the smell is a bit “nail polish(y)” , I don’t mind but I know few people are quite particular about it. The formula was a little thin but surprisingly easy to work with ! Opaque in single coat although the swatches show two. No top/base coat. For best comparison, I would rate it at par with Opi formula.. Thin but surprisingly great ! (I know, I was a bit surprised too ESP comparing the price)
I noticed that the color is not true to the bottle, it appears a lot darker in the bottle than on application: (In a good surprising way):)





The brush is easy to work with , it’s a pretty quick drying polish so that’s a big plus for me. I did see myself needing to go back for a re-dip into the bottle after each nail was covered , this made sure I never over applied or dragged the brush from the last nail to the fresh one. (If I make sense here)

I compared it to one of my oldest polishes , it’s Frozen Fantasy 69 from Estée Lauder , and I own this polish since 2006!!! It’s been a great formula and a color and still great condition 🙂 for sure worth every bit of $21
You will see the visual reason of comparison right now :
Pointer/Ring finger : Estée Lauder
Middle/ little finger : Mentality





Yes, they are not dupes but the application and finish is similar.

OVERALL I feel that the quality is very good and worth the price. My favorite part is that the company has free shipping all over USA , my packet came within 4 days and that’s pretty neat. Personally , I don’t think that the swatches on the website are accurate or do justice to the polishes, but surely they have something for everyone and the best is their attitude, depending on your preference they will recommend the best product for you. I love it when you get a great product at a great price and have the bonus of excellent experience.
Do enter the free giveaway by following the twitter /Facebook page and look here for promotions…let me know what you all think ..

19 comments on “Mentality Shadow & Estée Lauder 69 Frozen Fantasy

    • Yea.. I was pretty surprised myself too .. It matches up to a pricey brand in quality and yet affordable. The best part is that the seller is super helpful .. Best customer experience I had ..


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  2. Merely a smiling visitor here to share the adore , btw outstanding style. Audacity, more audacity and always audacity. by Georges Jacques Danton. cekfedbfaaee


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