SmashBox Heat Wave Lip Gloss Set

Hey people,
This is the first SmashBox buy for me, so I was not sure what to expect. This is again, one of my Black Friday Purchases from Sephora. Retails at $29 I got these pretty ladies for $10.. !The formula is very thick for a gloss, but it needs a little even-out application as it tends to collect towards the lip lines. What’s super cool is that although it’s sticky, it doesn’t feel that on the lips one bit. It stays in longer than any other brand I have used so far.The brushes are the thickest Gloss brushes I have used ever,so needs a little precision application while eliminating re-dipping into the bottle after each stroke.

20131214-162941.jpgI shall show each shade,in the order of Left to Right.

20131214-163101.jpgThis one is called the Fuchsia Flash.It looks like a bold pink color. It looks red-pink on the lips, infact pleasantly different than what the color appears like in the bottle.

20131214-165810.jpgNext up is the VIP Pink.On application it looks pretty nude pink and more like a high lip shine.Will best look over a lipstick than the Gloss on its own.


20131214-170053.jpgThe next color is Electric Orange.The bottle makes it look like a deep orange but it’s actually my favorite shade in the collection.It gives a nice tint and lip shine. Very very wearable all year around.


The final color is the Copper Remix. A very pigmented brown color. It looks copper/ brown in the bottle but applies more like a nude shimmer. My personal least favorite in the whole set. I don’t know but brown is not my choice of lip color. This surely needs a lipstick as a base.


This collection is sold out all over and the only place I could find it was Macy’s.
Let me know how you like it ..


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