Back to Blue …

So I did take off the Sally Hansen Flashy Fuchsia .. And picked the L’oreal Colour  Riche – Not A Cloud In Sky from my nail polish treasure ..   

And I remembered I never really posted the picture of the nail color right after application . I did post the pictures if the color after a few days of abuse on my nails 🙂 
So here goes .. I have applied two coats with a Base coat and no top coat..

I love this color, no matter the season. It dries quick and has this glossy finish, that looks so flawless. The first coat just gives a very watery color on the nails and once you apply a secon coat, it all gets together beautifully .. 
Also, notices how different angles of light ( pictures taken inside at night, no flash used ) makes the color look different.. From a somewhat real color, to blue to greenish .. Overally, this is one of the most pretty blue I have ever seen so far it’s a must have for anyone with even the slightest fancy for nail paints. C

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