Loreal Visible Lift Serum Absolute Concealer/Correcteur

A twist base corrector/concealer pen from L’oreal that disperses the fluid through a brush applicator and can be applied directly to your facial target areas. 

Retails at $12.50 USD, this lightweight formula come in 4 color shades Fair, Light, Medium and Medium Deep. 

Best used for undereye area and to even the skin tone. This is not to be expected to work as a heavy duty concealer but I would certainly rate it satisfactory as a corrector. 

One thing to be kept in mind, this finishes matte powder, which can seem to settle in fine lines, especially if overdone in areas with a thin layer of skin like the undereye. To avoid that, be sure to prime the skin well, use a mousturizer and finish with a setting powder. For rest of the face, you can do fine with just spot treatment for those minimalist makeup days. Use it under a powder foundation and over a liquid foundation, although personally I prefer to use it BEFORE I apply any foundation. 

The manufactures suggest picking your skin tone shade or a shade lighter. The brush applies well, I however still prefer to even if out with my fingertips or using a concealer brush and working in circular motions. 

OVERALL : It’s an extremely convenient, non messy and a travel friendly item. I suggest owning atleast one and keeping handy for touchups during the day. It’s discreet and works pretty well. I suggest this for everyday use, but you might want to jump to a more longer lasting and effective product if you seek coverage. For those who have subtle target areas around the face, this is your answer. 


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