Sally Hansen Insta Dri Blue Away

Hello pretties !!

I am getting more and more in mood for Summer and screening my summer choices. I was not sure about this but turns out to be such a pretty blue… It’s Blow-Away sorry .. Blue-Away by Sally Hansen from the Insta Dri Collection. Now this is amongst the fastest drying polishes I have seen. I have always been thoroughly impressed with their “true to word” (almost single coater unless lighter colors where double application is needs).. Streak free glossy finishes. I won’t call it 60 second but yes 2-3 mins and all done is seriously fast for me.
All pictures are 2 coats , no top coat.
Check out the glossy finish!!




I am holding the Sally Hansen Blue-Away against the L’oreal Not A Cloud In Sky .. Comparison without and with flash ..


Finally : Random brush strokes , using Sally Hansen Blue-Away as a base, strokes of LVX Viridian and topped with Sephora Formula X Over The Moon…



Overall: I love this color, formula and application was easy although be mindful of the thick brush and the formula dripping in-spite of trying to brush off on the bottle neck.. It’s a sure buy for the Spring – Summer and you will not be more pleased !!
FYI : I know it’s a challenge to get good coverage with pastels, this formula ranks much better than Essie Hide & Go Chic pastels !!

Let me know what you all think .. Would love to know !!
Love …


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