Essie Hide & Go Chic Collection Swatches

Hello Friends!
I was lucky to find the Essie latest collection at Ulta!! Out of 6, I grabbed the four I though were most interesting …
Here’s me sharing my joy .. 🙂

First up is the Fashion Playground , a very subtle minty/pistachio green with slight silver shimmer.
The color although is very pretty, it’s a very thin formula. Needs 3-4 easy coats for the color to build up and opaqueness. The formula was so bad that I am willing to sacrifice wearing this pretty to avoid the time it takes to apply each coat and dry and apply again .. Not worth it 😦
Also the white accent nail you see is not by choice, the polish smudged on the nail and I didn’t want to wait reapplying layers on one nail , but I chose white to feel the summer ..




Up next is Romper Room, a baby pink (Essie calls it Tea rose pink, pretty apt). This was again a 2-3 coater. The color was screaming summer, although application imperfections are not so forgiving.



I am holding the bottle of Essie against the Spoiled My Button fell off (Swatched here) for quick comparison ..


The Essie is more toned down whereas the Spoiled by WetnWild is leaning a bit towards peachy.. So both are quite different ..

The next one is Spin the Bottle, Essie calls it a semi-sheer nude, but I found it more of a suede neutral color. It’s a 2-3 coater, formula was ok, it’s a very flat color that looked the worst on my hands, might be better suited on someone else, I didn’t like it a bit 😦




Now I questioned the uniqueness of a neutral color by Essie, Here is a comparison :

L-R : Cocktails & Coconuts, Spin The Bottle, Mamba .. Turns out , it’s is unique but not my choice.

Finally, I saved the best for the last !! The Hide & Go Chic, the collection namesake .. ! This was a thick single coater, glossy finish rich cream formula. Defined as azure blue, this is a sure hit with almost everyone !! Formula was perfect, application was super easy and it looks really nice , plus it appears a tad lighter on direct look and lighter on side view 🙂





A final look 🙂



So .. Let me know what you all think .. What colors do you like the most ??

Thanks for reading …
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