L’oreal Extraordinaire 1-2-3 Step Nail Gel System Review

This is a 3 step system, where the Base [Step 1] and the Top Coat [Step 3] are sold together in a package. The especially formulated polish is sold separately in a range of 22 different colors.

The recommended step is usage is :

Shake gently. After applying Gel-Primer, apply 2 coats followed by Extraordinaire Gel-Glaze.

These are pictures with base coat and 2 layers of polish. No top coat applied yet.




With top coat : the shine was amazing!



This is after 2 day wear: To be honest I touched a cotton ball full of acetone, so the roughness on the pointer comes from that. The middle finger however remains untouched, pictures capture it’s actually wear.


Finally , pictures from 5 day wear, I dint reapply or retouch any nail..


OVERALL: Pretty impressive, I must say. This was my non dominant hand. Dominant hand did loose more polish but totally understandable .. It survived dishes, bathing two kids, fine laundry, cooking and cleaning.. So, considering my usual polish lasts 2 days, this was pretty interesting.
I tried using my Dior Mirage, with this system, didn’t work and peeled off the polish the next day. So the system works if you complete the 1-2-3 steps the way it’s designed.
Polish shown: Rose to the Occasion retailing at $7.99 USD and the 1-3 step system for $13.99 USD.


4 comments on “L’oreal Extraordinaire 1-2-3 Step Nail Gel System Review

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