Easy Macaroni And Cheese

Mac and Cheese .. Comfort food !!
I have been looking for a great recipe for years .. My 5 yr old loves Mac and cheese and dear Anna shared her secret recipe … Hope it helps you all too 🙂
Thank you Anna ..

Anna's Cuisine

Simple, creamy, so easy to make comfort food Mac and Cheese with crispy turkey bacon and broccoli and it’s ready in 30 minutes.


A reader from talker blogger requested this recipe for her son.  I haven’t made this in a while, so I thought it’s a good idea for dinner tonight.  My family loves this Mac and Cheese recipe with crispy turkey bacon (protein) and some broccoli for iron and fiber.  I had a small serving and it was so good (as usual)!   I loved it! ❤

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4 comments on “Easy Macaroni And Cheese

  1. I had to review Post-its as part of my Amazon Vine gig.If you can review Mac n Cheese so authentically, I bet you would have done great with Post-its. Me, I had a little trouble showing passion.


    • It was from A great blogger who showed me the recipe for my son .. I requested her to share her secret and she did t the next day … I can’t thank her enough for doing it and the sincerity with which she did it ..


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