Zoya Sarah, Zoya Zenith Payton, Zenith Collection Belinda

Hello people!
I have three Zoya polishes to show you… I purchased them at Ulta, they are running a buy 2/ get 1 free , plus a 20% entire order, so overall I got a great deal !!


20131217-004948.jpg The first one is the Zoya Sarah. This is a bright red polish with golden shimmer, and it feels like Christmas on nails ..!

20131217-005351.jpg This is double coat, no top coat. The formula was perfect. The finish has this shine to it that makes it very festive!


20131217-005519.jpg Ot retails at $8 and quite different than other red colors I own. This is not true red but more of a ruby red, so one can expect no color duplicates 🙂
The next up is Zoya Payton, an absolutely gorgeous cranberry red, multi colored holographic glitter. It’s a jelly-cream finish. It is the most unique and beautiful polish I have so far and definitely the prettiest Zoya I own or have seen.


20131217-070448.jpg This close-up will show what I am trying to talk about …

20131217-070541.jpgThis polish was all sold out at the store, I was lucky to find one. It retails at $8, and I am glad I purchased it ( don’t go by the bottle, this is really a beauty when applied)
And finally the Zoya Belinda. Defined as a full coverage cosmic purple metallic.

20131217-071900.jpg Retails at $8. This is a beautiful color that I fell in love with as soon as I saw the bottle. I have seen swatches by others and I just wanted to have this. The formula is kind of runny-thick, If you know what I mean, causes balding but also gets lumpy. This didn’t look as pretty as I hoped for.

20131217-072218.jpg I do own a polish a little darker than this, so I didn’t quite fawn over this. Overall Zoya never fails to impress and deliver!


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