LVX Nail Paints – Greige, Azalea

Hello people !!
For those of you who have been following my blog, I did mention earlier that I had purchased the LVX Nail Polishes from HauteLook. Now they did arrive a few days back , but unfortunately I could not manage a swatch.. (Apologies)… So today I am making sure I post them.
What I really want to mention is the smoothness of the formula! It was like butter over warm toast!! The brush was easy to use and worked very well. My purchase included 4 polishes..

20131222-005027.jpg The first color I used was the Greige.
Defined as

The perfect blend of gray and brown, Greige is a refreshing new neutral that conquers the traditional fall gray. The subtle brown undertones help this dynamic hue pair well with every color in the palette. Greige is the perfect neutral for fall and winter and it grounds this season’s collection with its versatility.

This was an underdog. It turns out to be a very neutral beige-grey suede cream. It’s a double coater. Flawless and very glossy finish. Pictures with no top/ base coat.


20131222-010155.jpg Next up is Azalea. Website says

Azalea is the ultimate accessory choice for Spring and Summer. Romantic and youthful, this pinkish lilac is soft and daring. For a calming look, pair Azalea with ultra crisp white and cool blue tones.


20131222-010452.jpg I completely side the description, it’s most accurate. This was an “ok” color
During the purchase, turns out to be so chic and stunning!!!! I absolutely love this cream SINGLE coater! ( yes , single coat for smooth, streak free, opaque finish). Now I thought I had the same color in Revlon Enchanting. Turns out I was wrong , the picture shows LVX on index/ring finger and Revlon on middle/little finger


20131222-085817.jpg So, this lady was again new color to my collection. Overall: Can’t get enough of the LVX. It’s a bit pricey, retails at $16 for 15ml/ 0.5oz … But I surely looks and feels worth it !
Swatches for the other two polishes can be seen here.


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