Opi San Francisco Collection

Hello people !
I apologize for long absence but the kids have been really sick lately, all the flu and stuff, so priority was taking care of my babies .. Thankfully, they feel much better and I really wanted to share my latest addition, I have three colors from the latest Opi SanFrancisco Collection for Fall/Winter 2013, two I shall be showing today.the collection has 15 shades, out of which 3 are Liquid Sand (Opi’s take on textured polishes), 6 cream finishes and 6 shimmer/frost finishes.
The first one is Embarca-Dare-Ya



20131210-212503.jpg These are all taken indoors at night , 2 coats, no top coat. It’s a frosty pink-magenta. The bottle seems to show the golden shimmer which doesn’t quite show on the nails. This is not an absolutely unique color, but the formula was good, two coats for full opaqueness.
The next one is First Date At The Golden Gate.



20131210-214225.jpgThis is a cream finish formula. Applies very nicely. Pictures show double coats. Single coat is also doable. Quick drying formula. The best description for this color is a brick red color. This is a red with hint of brown and orange, that’s the best description I can give, I have many red colors in my collection, this shade is a bit different.
The collection doesn’t feature absolutely stunning or uniques colors, but the Opi formula is great as always. Retails at $9.



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